Best Pet Friendly Carpets

Choosing the best carpet for your pets can be a tricky undertaking. As a proud pet parent, you want to prioritize the needs of your pet by choosing a pet friendly carpet; but, at the same time, you also want to choose a carpet that reflects your interior style and suits your practical needs. This […]

Best Places To Eat In Bellevue, WA

The dining scene in Bellevue is booming! With a wide variety of fine dining and casual eats for you to choose from.  If you want to add to your list of places to eat in Bellevue Washington, this article is going to cover five of the best restaurants to be found near you. Whether you’re […]

Which Carpet Padding Is Best For Your Home?

With spring upon us, many homeowners are considering what changes and improvements they will make to their homes this year. A popular choice — new carpets! If you are hoping to replace your carpet, an important (and often underrated) choice you need to make is what kind of carpet padding you will use. In today’s […]

How to Prepare Your Carpeting for A Move

There are many different things you need to do before moving out of a house. Whether you’re renting a new place or selling your house to relocate to a bigger family home, that last cleaning job is a must. But, before that glorious step, you need to make sure all areas of your house are […]

8 Home Improvement Ideas for the Holidays

Getting your home to reflect your holiday spirit can be an intimidating task! Since we’re midway through December, you’re probably starting to think about the best ways that you can get your house ready for the upcoming holiday dinners, parties, and all the other fun festivities that come with the season. Improving Your Home for […]

Get Rid of that Wet Carpet Smell

If you’ve begun to notice a wet carpet smell in your home, take it as a sign that your floors are due for a good cleaning. Carpet and rugs have a unique way of adding a soft and welcoming touch to almost any home. Carpeted homes are wonderfully cozy and posses a simple but elegant […]

Carpet Installation in Seattle: How to Choose the Best Contractor

Getting new carpet installed in your Seattle home can be an exciting project. It can also be one that causes some anxiety. There are many choices to consider, especially when it comes to hiring a professional for your Seattle carpet installation project. It’s important to choose the right flooring company to avoid any problems later […]

Wool or Nylon Carpeting: Which Is Best for Your Home?

Are you in the market for new carpeting, and have it narrowed down to wool or nylon? Carpet may be the best fit for your budget and lifestyle, but which fiber is the best choice for your home? It’s a fair question, one worthy of some examination of the facts before coming to a conclusion. […]

How to Clean Your Area Rug in 7 Simple Steps

Area rugs are an affordable and versatile way to liven up any living space. They provide a soft, warm place for your feet to land when you get out of bed, and can tie together the design elements in a room or create separation in open floor plans. However, if you want to get a […]

Have a Wet Carpet? Here’s What to Do

It’s hard to imagine a more frustrating dilemma than discovering your carpet is unexpectedly saturated with water. It might have happened while you were at work, or during the middle of the night while you were asleep. Maybe you were quietly watching TV and then, out of the blue a water pipe burst, or a […]