10 Tips to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Looking Spectacular

  Hardwood floors have gained a reputation for being elegant and extremely sturdy. At the same time, they are known for adding value to your home and for requiring relatively little maintenance. But, that doesn’t mean that your wooden floors can’t use a little TLC!     The Thing About Wooden Floors While they are […]

How Many Times Can A Hardwood Floor Be Refinished?

Hardwood floors are made to look beautiful. They also must be well maintained in order to stay beautiful. You likely picked a floor several years ago that is strong, goes well with the rest of your room, and has been walked on as diligently as possible. Your hardwood floor might not look as you remembered […]

Do Bamboo Floors Require Special Cleaning?

Thinking of getting new bamboo flooring? Or maybe already have bamboo floors, but you’re wondering if there are special cleaning requirements? Balancing your work with home care can be a challenge, and requires quick but routine maintenance on your floors. There is a misconception that bamboo is not as durable as traditional hardwood floors. This […]

How to Remove Hardwood Floor Scratches Almost Instantly

Like most homeowners, you probably take great pride in your hardwood floors. Not only are they a reflection of your good taste— but you enjoy having them in pristine condition, whether they came with the home or you had them installed yourself. But, what do you know about how to fix scratches on hardwood floors? […]

Choosing the Best Flooring For Kids

You have a lot to consider when selecting flooring for kids. Here at Carpet To Go, we understand the desire to pick the best and safest flooring option for your family. You can review your many choices when you contact us at (425) 441-3658.   Benefits of Choosing the Best Flooring for Kids Selecting the […]

How To Consistently Keep Your Floors Clean

Having clean floors is a necessary part of keeping your home healthy, welcoming, and pleasant. But cleaning hardwood, laminate, and vinyl floors can get tiresome. These days, who has the time? Thankfully, there a number of easy tricks that make cleaning and maintaining your floors a breeze. How To Easily Keep Your Floors Clean All […]