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Area rugs make excellent additions to any home and can do so much to improve the aesthetic of the space where you place them. However, finding custom made area rugs, tailored to suit your specific home style can be challenging at times. That is why here at Carpet To Go we’ve decided to make quality area rugs that can be fully customized for our Redmond homeowners. We custom design area rugs to match your level of comfort and aesthetic style so that you can have an area rug that you truly love in your home. We want you to have a fully cohesive home that is beautiful as well as comfortable for you and your family.
Redmond Area Rug

What Are Area Rugs Made From?

Area rugs can be made out of a variety of different materials to match your comfort needs and design tastes. Typically, area rugs are made from materials like cotton, wool, nylon, silk, and olefin (also known as polypropylene). The material you choose for your area rug will have a direct impact on the comfort level as well as the aesthetic versatility of the piece.

What Type Of Flooring Can Area Rugs Be Used On?

Area rugs can be used anywhere in your Redmond home. They are compatible with all types of flooring and can be easily moved to new locations should you decide to move your area rug. Area rugs go great on tile floors, hardwood flooring, laminate, or even carpeted floors. Whatever flooring you have in your Redmond home you can be sure that there is an excellent area rug that would match the style and design of your room.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Area Rugs?

Area rugs can completely transform the aesthetic of any room. They are simple and can often go unnoticed, but their presence plays such an important role in creating the atmosphere of a room. Another benefit of having an area rug is that it is moveable. In just a few quick moments you can completely switch up the aesthetic of any room by simply moving and adding your area rug to it. Area rugs are also a wonderful way to add accents and textures to your home. If your walls are painted neutral, you can use your area rug to bring color into a room, or vice versa. You can use an area rug as a focal point in your room to add contrast and draw the eyes to a specific place in the room. Other benefits of area rugs include:
  • Area rugs are comfortable to walk on. They add padding to the floor and can make walking much easier on the joints of people with joint problems or for toddlers who are learning to walk.
  • Area rugs keep your feet warm.
  • Area rugs are durable and keep your floor underneath safe from damage.
  • Area rugs make your home more welcoming and prevent your home from having that empty, echoey feeling.

Where Should I Use An Area Rug?

There are many different areas within the home that would benefit from a simple area rug. If there are small children or people with joint problems in the home, then you should consider placing area rugs in spaces where these people spend the most time (e.g. nursery, living room, bedroom, or kitchen). You can also place area rugs in rooms that lack a distinct focal point. These kinds of settings give you the freedom to experiment with more attention-drawing rugs — orientals, area rugs with large designs, large splashes of color, or detailed scenes. If you’re going to use an area rug as a focal point, choose a rug that tells a story and captures your personality. Since you can use an area rug to make a room look larger or brighter, you should consider adding an area rug to any room that looks small or crowded. In these situations, you will want to avoid colorful, attention-seeking rugs and choose area rugs with neutral or minimalist designs and colors instead. Most rooms in your home could benefit from an area rug in one way or another, so the thing to consider is what style of area rug you will use instead of asking whether or not you should use an area rug.

Where Can I Find An Area Rug?

At Carpet To Go in Redmond, we can custom make an area rug to suit the needs of your home. We do not keep area rugs in backstock but we do specialize in custom making them for our Redmond homeowners. If you have any questions about the style, materials, or make of our area rugs, give Carpet To Go a call and one of our team members would be happy to discuss our custom made area rugs with you.

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