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Best Renton Area Rugs

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Area Rug?

Purchasing an area rug for your home can make an excellent addition to your home’s interior. Area rugs can serve as insulation for your floor and also provide a comfortable surface to walk on, making them ideal for families with children, pets, or joint problems. Besides this, area rugs can also serve as a protective layer for rooms in your home with especially heavy traffic. If you are considering purchasing an area rug for your Renton home, this article will detail some of the specific maintenance tips as well as particulars you should be aware of when searching for an area rug.

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Where Should I Put An Area Rug?

An area rug can be put to good use in any room in your home. Depending on what you need aesthetically, an area rug can add texture, increase aesthetic appeal, bring cohesivity to your space, or even make your room feel larger. You should put an area rug in any room that requires extra floor padding or in any space that requires a rug to bring the design together. Area rugs are extremely versatile pieces and are so useful for any homes interior.

How Are Area Rugs Made?

Area rugs can be fashioned in a number of different ways. The make of an area rug often determines cost, longevity, as well as style. Below are several of the most popular ways that area rugs are made.

Handmade Area Rugs

Handmade area rugs are often of a high-quality and high price. They generally last longer than machine-made area rugs and have been commonly viewed as heirloom type items being passed from one generation to the next.

Machine Made Area Rugs

These are rugs are extremely versatile and affordable. Machine-made area rugs can be found in pretty much any color or pattern imaginable. These are a wonderful option if you are looking for something specific and aren’t looking for a longterm piece.

Knotted Area Rugs

Asymmetrical and symmetrical are the two most common styles of knotted rugs. Knotted area rugs originate from countries such as China, Turkey, and Egypt and for this reason, tend to be a bit more pricey as they are rarer.

How To Choose The Best Area Rug In Renton For Your Home

When it comes to choosing an area rug for your home you want to make sure that you are considering anything that could play a part in deciding which area rug to go with. Below are listed several things you will want to consider prior to purchasing your rug.

Consider Shape & Size

Measure the room or hall where you wish to have your area rug, the last thing you want is to arrive home with a wonderful rug that doesn’t suit the size of your space.

Consider Pattern Scheme

Area rugs play a huge part in bringing together the scheme of your Renton home. What your aesthetic tastes are will determine which sort of rug you decide to purchase. Take photos of the room where you plan on having your rug and know what sort of interior look you are hoping to achieve prior to starting your rug search.

Area Rug Maintenance

Maintaining your area rug will ensure that it lasts for the maximum amount of years it can and will also keep your rug looking fresh. Below are listed four simple ways to maintain your area rug for the maximum lifespan.
  • Avoid general carpet cleaners – general carpet cleaners are not trained to properly clean delicate area rugs. Using a general carpet cleaner could result in damaging your area rug or causing your rug’s dye to run.
  • Purchase proper padding – you should always consult your retailer and ask them about the specific padding that should be used beneath your area rug. Using the wrong padding could result in your area rug wearing down quicker than it should.
  • Have your area rug professionally cleaned every 2-5 years – this will ensure maximum longevity for your area rug.
  • Rotate your rug 180 degrees to even out wear – area rugs can wear out especially quick in particular areas that sustain heavy traffic. To even out your rug’s wear, make sure that you rotate it 180 degrees every couple of months.

Where Can I Find A High-Quality Area Rug?

Finding a high-quality area rug that is suited to your Renton home can prove a challenge. Here at Carpet To Go we are proud to design custom area rugs for our clients. We do not carry area rugs in stock, but our flooring experts are able to custom make area rugs as our clients need them. This ensures that each area rug we make is perfectly suited to our clients and their specific needs. If you would like to speak with one of our team members about the dimensions or style options of our area rugs, contact Carpet To Go today. We would be delighted to help you achieve your aesthetic goals for your home.

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