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Bamboo Flooring Services in Kirkland

Despite the fact that they have been around for a while, bamboo floors are now becoming an extremely popular choice. Traditionally, bamboo floors were only used in certain arrangements. But, thanks to their durability and fantastic visual characteristics, this type of floor is now being used to cover entire living rooms, bedrooms, and other large areas in Kirkland. Bamboo imitates the look and feel of hardwood. Technically, it’s a type of grass, but it’s used to manufacture extremely durable floors. Additionally, this type of flooring is suitable for most types of decoration and can be used in high-traffic areas around your home thanks to its longevity.

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It’s important to note that there are three different types of bamboo floors available. They may be similar in appearance, but they have different characteristics and benefits, so you should understand all the options in order to make the right choice. 

Types of Bamboo Flooring Available for Kirkland Residents

Kirkland homeowners can choose from three main types of high-quality bamboo flooring, depending on the features they’re looking for. These are vertical grain, horizontal grain, and strand bamboo.

Vertical-Grain Solid Strip

Vertical-grain solid strip bamboo is produced by gluing narrow stacks together, forming a solid plank. The thin, individual stacks maintain their natural appearance, but they don’t show knuckles and other singular accents once glued together.

Horizontal-Grain Solid Strip

Also known as flat-grain solid strips, this type of bamboo floor is manufactured by piling thin bamboo strips and laminating them together. The strips are stacked on top of one another, so these planks tend to show rings, stalks, knuckles, and other appealing impurities.

Strand Bamboo

Bamboo is well known for being sustainable, partially because the whole plant is used in one way or another. For instance, strand bamboo flooring is manufactured out of the waste generated by its solid and vertical counterparts. And, because it uses a different manufacturing process, strand bamboo floors are the sturdiest of the three, making them ideal for Kirkland households of all sizes.

Advantages of Selecting Bamboo Floors

Even though the different types of bamboo flooring have different manufacturing processes, they share similar advantages. Some of the benefits of installing bamboo flooring include:


The most obvious benefit of bamboo floors is that they are very affordable. This is especially true compared to hardwood floors in general. Bamboo is cost-effective, but also shares similar characteristics to hardwood, including its resilience and aesthetic appeal. Most homeowners would like to choose a stylish type of flooring, but many believe it’s out of their budget. Floors made of bamboo provide a lush appearance without breaking the bank, giving you the ability to mimic high-end finishes without the added expenses.

Visual Appealing

The second-most obvious benefit to bamboo flooring is that it looks and feels like hardwood. In some cases, it can even mimic the smell of precious woods, providing a smooth surface that helps highlight the colors and accessories around your home. While bamboo flooring was only available in a limited range of tones, modern techniques allow you to choose from a wide selection of colors without compromising quality. Simply visualize the decor style you want to implement and select the color that best matches your vision for your Kirkland home.


Bamboo is a type of grass, but don’t let that statement fool you! Floors made of bamboo are very popular because they are sturdy and durable. This means that they maintain functionality and appearance for a long period, especially if you clean and maintain them regularly. Not only is it resilient, but bamboo’s appearance barely fades over time, even when placed in busy areas. And, because they are extremely tough, bamboo planks can withstand heavy usage without warping or suffering long-term damage.


There are different reasons why bamboo is considered environmentally friendly. First off, this type of grass grows naturally in different areas of the world in different climates. Contrary to some types of hardwoods, bamboo floor contractors can choose to source their bamboo from responsible producers. Additionally, manufacturers use the entirety of the bamboo plant when producing flooring planks. The process also requires significantly less energy and produces less waste than other types of synthetic flooring.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Aside from the fact that they look fantastic, bamboo floors are very easy to clean and maintain. Rugged surfaces can be extremely hard to clean, but bamboo offers a smooth finish that you can sweep and mop in a matter of minutes. This makes it a great choice for people that love maintaining spotless floors. It’s also worth mentioning that bamboo has better water-resistant characteristics than hardwood. That being said, floors made of bamboo still absorb moisture, so they are not suitable for high-humidity areas such as boiler rooms and waters. 

How to Choose the Best Bamboo Flooring

Selecting a type of bamboo floor is not always simple. You have to take an array of factors into consideration, including your family’s requirements and your personal preferences. At Carpet to Go, we suggest you always keep the following aspects in mind before making a final choice:
  • The budget you set for your flooring project
  • The area of the house you want to revamp
  • The type of solid bamboo plank you prefer

Once you’ve taken these aspects into consideration, you can start thinking about the specific choices you want to make, like the color and specific floor layout. There are dozens of different tones to choose from suitable for all budgets, so you can have your pick as to which one you prefer.

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It’s no surprise that bamboo floors are a great choice. They are versatile, stylish, and affordable, making them an ideal addition to all homes. At Carpet to Go, we provide reliable bamboo flooring services for homes and businesses in Kirkland and surrounding areas. Our team of seasoned professionals is eager to help you make the right choice.  Contact us today!

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