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Bamboo Flooring Services For Lynnwood Homeowners

Is it about time for a flooring change in your Lynnwood home? If so, you’ve come to the right place!  While there are countless amazing hardwood flooring options on the market, in today’s article we are going to focus on just one, bamboo flooring. This recently popular flooring option is one that has many Lynnwood homeowners excited to try something new. Aesthetically, bamboo is clean, minimal, and natural. It is one of the most eco-friendly flooring options and much more affordable than hardwood flooring. Bamboo is a type of grass that can be easily harvested and converted into beautiful, sustainable flooring.

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What Are The Different Types Of Bamboo Flooring?

There are three main kinds of bamboo flooring that Lynnwood homeowners are making use of. To understand each and determine which would be best suited to your home, here’s a brief overview of each:

Strand Bamboo Flooring For Lynnwood Homeowners

The most eco-friendly of the three bamboo flooring types, strand bamboo uses the leftover materials from the other two types of bamboo flooring and converts them into a gorgeous, sustainable floor. Each strand bamboo floor is unique and designed to make sure that nothing is wasted in the manufacturing of these floors.

Flat-Grain Solid Strip Bamboo Flooring

This bamboo floor is created by layering bamboo strips and finishing off the floor with a thin coat of laminate. The most popular bamboo flooring option among Lynnwood homeowners, flat-grain bamboo floors create a flawless, simple interior that everyone can appreciate. Bamboo flooring is an excellent choice for homeowners who like impurities that occur in natural materials. Rather than adding a perfect, manufactured aesthetic, bamboo flooring gives a “perfectly imperfect” natural feel to your home.

Vertical-Grain Solid Strip Bamboo Flooring

With this type of bamboo floor, thin floors are created by gluing bamboo strips together.  While this method allows the bamboo to retain its natural appearance, impurities in the bamboo are less apparent in this form than they are in flat-grain floors. If you prefer a minimal, uniform, natural floor, vertical-grain bamboo flooring is for you.  

Why You Should Choose Bamboo Flooring For Your Lynnwood Home

There are so many benefits to choosing bamboo flooring — not only for your home, but also for the environment. Here are some of the main benefits that bamboo flooring gives to Lynnwood homeowners.

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The Benefits Of Bamboo Flooring:

1. Aesthetic

There’s no denying that bamboo floors offer superb aesthetic benefits.  They are beautiful, simple, and clean. They blend well with any aesthetic style and are able to showcase simple beauty while also shifting focus on to the more focal aesthetic choices of your interior. 

2. Sustainability

As briefly touched on above, bamboo flooring is one of the most sustainable flooring options available to Lynnwood homeowners. Bamboo is harvested sustainably and the production of strand bamboo floors makes it so that very little is wasted. If being kind to the earth is a priority of yours, bamboo floors are the way to go.

3. Quality

Contrary to common belief, bamboo floors are incredibly resilient and durable. They are produced with quality, sustainability, and durability in mind. Bamboo floors have the ability to last for years while maintaining a beautiful appearance.

4. Affordability

One of the most affordable flooring types for Lynnwood homeowners, this is yet another of the many reasons that bamboo floors have started getting so much traction of late. For the quality of the product that you get, bamboo floors are an incredibly good investment to make.  They can last for years and don’t cost you an arm and a leg to have installed.

5. Easy Maintenance

And the cherry on top of all the reasons why bamboo is an excellent flooring choice, it is incredibly easy to clean and maintain.  Bamboo floors have a smooth surface and only require a couple sweepings and a light mop weekly.

Rooms To Avoid Installing Bamboo Floors In

Our flooring team recommends that you avoid installing bamboo flooring in rooms that have high humidity or water usage (like the bathroom).  Bamboo is pretty absorbent and may be affected by humidity or water left on the surface.

Finding The Right Bamboo Flooring For Your Lynnwood Home

Here at Carpet To Go in Lynnwood, we have a team of flooring professionals who are committed to helping homeowners find the best floor for them. We know what to look for in a high-quality bamboo floor and want to help you find the best floor for your Lynnwood home. If you have questions about bamboo flooring or would like some help choosing a high-quality bamboo floor to have installed in your home, give our team a call today. We love helping Lynnwood homeowners live out their style through creative flooring and want to help you achieve the aesthetic of your dreams this year.  

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