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Bamboo Flooring for Redmond Homes

In the past, bamboo wasn’t used to cover large floor areas and was mostly considered an accent flooring. But, in recent years, this has changed. People are starting to recognize bamboo for its high durability, and bamboo floors are becoming more and more common.

bamboo flooring redmond

Why bamboo?

Despite being a type of grass, bamboo is highly durable and has many of the same benefits, look, and feel of a hardwood floor. Bamboo floors are wonderful because they match well with most aesthetics and interior designs and are made to endure heavy foot traffic. With the rise in popularity of bamboo flooring, more design options are becoming available every month. If the abundance of options feels a little confusing, we’ll help you find which bamboo flooring is the best option for your home.

Redmond Flooring: Types Of Bamboo Floors

There are three kinds of bamboo flooring currently available to Redmond homeowners. Here we are going to explain the three kinds, the manufacturing process, their appearances, and the benefits to you.

Flat-Grain Solid Strip Bamboo

The most common type of bamboo flooring, flat-grain solid strip, is manufactured by stacking thin strips of bamboo on top of one another and then laminating them together. Flat-grain solid strip bamboo floors are usually chosen for the textured impurities present in the bamboo. These unique markings make them visually appealing in any room or aesthetic.

Vertical-Grain Solid Strip Bamboo

Vertical-grain solid strip bamboo floors are made by gluing thin, individual stacks of bamboo together. This allows the bamboo to maintain it’s natural appearance while avoiding the texture and impurities of a flat-grain solid strip floor. Some homeowners tend to prefer this look above the others as it gives off a flawless look and can feel more clean and minimalistic.

Strand Bamboo

Strand bamboo is a wonderful flooring option for manufacturers because it allows them to be resourceful and avoids unnecessary waste, because they are able to use up all of the raw material. Strand bamboo floors are made from the waste that comes from vertical and solid-grain bamboo flooring planks and are a great example of the resourcefulness of using bamboo for flooring. Because of it’s intentional manufacturing, strand bamboo flooring is often more resilient than even flat or vertical-grain bamboo floors, making it a popular and eco-friendly option.

Benefits Of Choosing Bamboo Floors

After all that you might be thinking, “that’s nice, but why should I choose bamboo floors over hardwood floors?” Let’s dive into the benefits of installing a bamboo floor.

Improved Aesthetics

One of the biggest reasons bamboo floors are becoming increasingly popular is their aesthetic appearance. Bamboo has a wood-like look to it, a beautiful finish, and can add a subtle color accent to any room.


A common misconception about bamboo floors is that they wear down easily because they are made from grass. I’m happy to inform you that this belief is completely false. Bamboo floors are incredibly resilient and are able to maintain their aesthetic and clean appearance for many, many years.


Another benefit of choosing bamboo flooring over hardwood, is that it is eco-friendly. Bamboo grows naturally in diverse areas around the globe and allows manufacturers to source their raw materials responsibly. Unlike with precious woods, where large forests are destroyed in the process of gaining them, harvesting bamboo for flooring is a very eco-friendly process and the manufacturers see to it that no bamboo is wasted.

Easy To Clean And Maintain

Bamboo is an extremely easy flooring type to clean because of its smooth surface, making it easy to maintain, sweep, and mop. Please note that although bamboo floors have better water-resistant qualities than most hardwood ones, they still absorb moisture. Our bamboo flooring service professionals suggest that you avoid using bamboo flooring in humid areas of your home such as your bathroom. Tile flooring would be a much more appropriate choice for rooms like these.


Bamboo flooring is one of the most affordable flooring options in Redmond. Besides it’s affordability, it is resilient (meaning you won’t have to have it replaced often), easy to clean, and aesthetically pleasing. With these perks and the fact that it will treat your wallet more kindly than most other flooring options, it’s no wonder that bamboo floors are rising in popularity.

Choosing The Best Bamboo Floors

Choosing the best bamboo floor for your Redmond home brings many things into consideration. One thing we recommend doing is checking your budget (how much are you willing to spend?), analyzing the area of your house that you want redone, and deciding the type of solid plank you want (vertical-grain, flat-grain solid, or strand bamboo).

Reliable Bamboo Flooring Services Are Just A Phone Call Away

Bamboo floors make a wonderful addition to your homes’ aesthetic and are definitely one of the most versatile flooring options available for homeowners today. Here at Carpet To Go, we have a team of expert flooring professionals who would be more than happy to help you assess and choose which flooring option is best for you and your Redmond home. Don’t hesitate to contact us today with any questions about installing a bamboo floor in your home. 

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