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Recently, there has been an explosion in demand for bamboo floors. In the past, they were used only in select arrangements, but today we see bamboo flooring being used to cover entire hallways, living areas, and other large spaces. This is for good reason, as bamboo is a very durable flooring choice. The durability, look, and feel of bamboo has all the properties of hardwood, yet it is a grass. Bamboo matches very well with nearly any decoration and most furniture styles. Flooring manufacturers deliver top-quality floors sturdy enough to be used in high traffic areas of your home.

Bamboo flooring is offered in three different types, and it is important to understand the benefits of each of these types so you can make the choice best for your flooring needs.

Types of Bamboo Flooring for Your Seattle Residence

Seattle homeowners have three types of bamboo available to them today. They are strand bamboo, vertical-grain solid strip, and flat-grain solid strip bamboo. Each of these has different characteristics and manufacturing processes to make them.

Solid Strip Flat-Grain

This is the most commonly manufactured type of bamboo flooring, made by stacking strips of bamboo together and then laminating it. This manufacturing process is also referred to as a horizontal-grain solid strip. This process produces picturesque bamboo planks with stalks, rings, and knuckles.

Solid Strip Vertical-Grain

Individual solid strips of bamboo are stacked and glued together to form vertical-grain bamboo strips. This process maintains the natural appearance of the bamboo, but lacks the other features that flat-grain bamboo has.

Strand bamboo

Strand bamboo is an approach that uses all of the raw material of the bamboo. Manufacturers are able to take the remnants of solid-grain and vertical-grain planking waste to produce strand bamboo. The result is a wood product that is even stronger than the other two types of flooring, allowing for the manufacture of ultra resistant floors.

Bamboo Flooring Benefits

Even though there are three types of bamboo flooring, they all share many of the same beneficial characteristics, making bamboo floors an excellent, reliable choice for your Seattle home. Some of the benefits when selecting bamboo are:

Pleasing Appearance

One of the chief reasons why so many people are choosing bamboo flooring is due to its appearance. It has the visual look of hardwood and gives the impression of high-end finish products without the expensive pricing.


It is a common misconception that bamboo flooring is not very durable. When people learn that bamboo is a grass, it further reinforces this misconception. The reality is that bamboo flooring is exceptionally sturdy and will retain its functionality for far longer than most would think. Furthermore, even when bamboo is used in high traffic areas, it will maintain its appearance over time, with little to no worry of long-term damage from use.

Green Product

Bamboo is easily sourced from many areas of the world, allowing manufacturers to source bamboo responsibly and easily, unlike precious wood. This allows forests to grow and manufacturers to produce material more responsibly.

Cleaning and Maintenance

No one enjoys cleaning their floors. But if you want to maintain a pristine floor, then you have to put in the extra work. The good news is that when it comes to bamboo, cleaning and maintenance is exceptionally easy. All that needs to be done is to give the surface a good sweep and wipe it up with a moist mop. Bamboos may be more water resistant than hardwood, but they still can absorb water. For this reason, it is not recommended to use bamboo in areas of high humidity in your home like bathrooms unless it is sealed properly (read more about bamboo floors in bathrooms).


Bamboo flooring is one of the most affordable styles of flooring in Seattle. When you factor in its durability and the ease of maintenance, it is easy to see why it has become highly regarded as the top choice for valued flooring for your money.

Selecting the Best Bamboo Flooring

When you are considering the best bamboo flooring options for your home, consider the following things:

  • The size of your budget
  • The area you need to cover with flooring
  • The plank-type that you prefer

Once you have taken each of these things into account and weighed your pros and cons, you can begin looking at your purchasing options, such as:

  • Price
  • Color
  • Quality of bamboo needed

There are several color options that homeowners can choose from so that you can select an option that is perfect for both your home and budget.

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