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Bamboo Flooring Services in Shoreline

Ready to make the change into a more sustainable flooring option this year? We’ve got good news for you! Changing to a sustainable, beautiful bamboo flooring is easier than its ever been before. With the ever-expanding market for hardwood flooring in Shoreline, it’s easy to feel lost among the options.  But don’t despair! This informative article is here to help you understand one of the most sustainable and aesthetic flooring options on the market, bamboo flooring.  

Shoreline WA Bamboo Flooring

What Are The Different Types Of Bamboo Floors Available?

There are three main kinds of bamboo floors that Shoreline homeowners can choose from when selecting their new floors. Each brings its own unique look to the table and the right one depends entirely on your personal preferences.

Flat-Grain Solid Strip Bamboo

The most popular type of bamboo flooring among Shoreline homeowners, flat-grain bamboo floors have a laminate finish perfect for any home. Something that many homeowners find appealing about flat-grain bamboo is the natural impurities that can be found throughout the flooring.  If you prefer a natural aesthetic to a commercialized one, this is the bamboo flooring option for you.

Vertical-Grain Solid Strip Bamboo

While this form of bamboo flooring maintains much of its natural beauty, the impurities that are found in flat-grain bamboo flooring are not present in vertical-grain floors. If you like a natural aesthetic but prefer that it be done in a clean, uniform way, vertical-grain bamboo floors accomplish this look perfectly.

Strand Bamboo Flooring For Shoreline Homeowners

If you are in search of the most eco-friendly flooring options in Shoreline on the market, strand bamboo floors are for you.  This type of bamboo floor makes use of the scraps that are discarded from the other types of bamboo floors and the result is stunning. Sustainable, beautiful, and natural, strand bamboo floors are perfect for Shoreline households that put the needs of our environment first.

What Are The Benefits Associated With Bamboo Floors?

The benefits of choosing bamboo flooring are vast.  If this is your first time looking into bamboo flooring then you probably aren’t familiar with all of the ways that this flooring can benefit your Shoreline home.  Here are just a few of the most common benefits associated with bamboo flooring.

1. Natural Aesthetic

Bamboo floors add greatly to any indoor aesthetic. They are simple, yet gorgeous.  Bamboo is such a wonderful material and adds natural beauty to your Shoreline home. Even though aesthetic trends are constantly changing, you can rest easy in your flooring choice knowing that natural beauty never goes out of style.

2. Sustainable Flooring Option

As touched on above, bamboo floors are an amazing eco-conscious flooring option.  Awareness about sustainability and eco-friendly alternatives is constantly on the rise. With our expanding knowledge about easy ways to minimize our effect on the planet, it’s ethical to make use of this knowledge by choosing the most sustainable flooring option available.

3. Minimal Cleaning & Maintenance

Yes, you read correctly, bamboo floors are not only incredibly beautiful and unbeatably sustainable, but they are also a breeze to maintain. Only needing a casual sweep and mop ever so often, it’s no wonder that these floors are growing in popularity at the rate that they are. One tip about maintenance, flooring experts recommend that you avoid having bamboo floors installed in high-moisture areas of your home (e.g. the bathroom).

4. Durable & Resilient

If properly cared for, bamboo floors can last for a long time. These eco-friendly floors are durable and are a good option for households with pets or small children alike. The glossy laminate finish protects the natural material from damage and allows optimal function and aesthetics for many years.

5. Cost-Effective

Lastly, bamboo floors are incredibly cost-effective. Unlike hardwood and other floors of comparable qualities, bamboo floors are still very affordable. If you are looking for a cost-effective flooring option that is strong and beautiful, bamboo flooring has all of these and more qualities.

How To Choose The Best Bamboo Flooring For Your Shoreline Home

Bamboo floors truly have it all. You get an affordable, efficient, beautiful, and eco-friendly flooring all in a single material. If you are still new to the idea of having bamboo floors installed in your Shoreline home, consider getting the opinion of a flooring expert. Here at Carpet To Go in Shoreline, our team of flooring experts is ready and awaiting your call. We love helping homeowners find the right flooring for their home and aesthetic and would consider it an honor to help you find the perfect floor for your home. If you have questions about where to buy the best bamboo flooring in your area or how to tell the quality of different flooring types, give Carpet To Go a call today. Your new aesthetic and perfect flooring are just a phone call away, get in touch with our team of flooring professionals today.

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