Bellevue Carpet

When it comes to flooring your home or business, Seattle carpet is one of the best options on the market today. Carpeting offers a combination of comfort, insulation, and affordable prices that other flooring types are hard pressed to beat. It is cozy and stylish, and it looks great in almost any interior environment. As you compare flooring options, here are a few benefits of carpeting:
  • Sound reduction
  • Additional home insulation
  • Reduced chance of slipping on the floor
  • Increased comfort when walking
  • Wide selection of styles, patterns, and colors
  • Relatively affordable compared to other flooring options
Bellevue Carpet

Carpet Style Selections

Choosing the ideal carpet style is all about knowing the right combination of aesthetics, performance, and budget that meets the needs of your lifestyle. Carefully consider each style's features, qualities, and conditions as you make your buying decision. Each style has its own characteristics and performance capabilities.

Textured Carpeting Installation

Textured carpeting is one of the most popular carpeting options in Bothell homes. Here are some of the features of textured carpeting:
  • Casual or informal appearance
  • Two-tone appearance
  • Hides footprints and vacuum marks
  • Great for all areas in the home, especially for active families
  • Available in a broad range of prices
  • Most common choice of carpeting in Bothell

Saxony Carpet Installation

This luxurious carpeting option is chosen for high-end Bothell homes that favor opulence.
  • Formal, traditional carpeting option
  • Smooth, velvety, plush appearance
  • Luxurious feel
  • Yarn has uniform twist and finish
  • Good for master bedrooms, dining room, or a formal living room
  • Not a good choice for high traffic areas or active kids
  • Shows footprints and vacuum marks


  • Cut pile style with a high twist level
  • Each strand of yarn is twisted so tightly that it curls over at the end
  • Has a textured surface with a knobby appearance
  • Durable and wears well
  • Performs well in high-traffic areas and active homes
  • Can go anywhere in your home
  • Hides footprints
  • Available in various pile heights for different looks

Cable Carpet Installation

  • Constructed of thicker, typically longer yarn
  • Very comfortable underfoot
  • Beautiful in a bedroom or living room
  • Better suited for rooms without a lot of activity
  • Can matte and crush with heavy foot traffic
  • Not recommended for stairs, hallways

Looped or Berber Carpet Installation

  • Big bulky yarns produced in a level loop or multi-level loop
  • Made out of olefin fiber
  • Manufactured with nylon, or a blend of various fibers
  • Very durable
  • Ideal for casual, active family rooms
  • Come in solid colors, Berber fleck, patterns with varying levels of loops
  • Hides traffic patterns well
  • May make seams more apparent
  • Backing is more visible on stairs

Cut and Loop Carpet Installation

  • Combination of cut and looped yarns that create pattern effects by the variation in surface textures
  • Low profile offers good performance and durability
  • Often used in both casual and traditional rooms
  • Available in geometrics and formal botanicals patterns
  • Distinctive carved appearance
  • Hides stains easily

Choosing Carpet for Your Bothell Home

When it comes to choosing carpeting for your home or business, your first considerations must be quality and durability. For busy homes with lots of active traffic, textured carpeting options or a high-twist frieze may be best as these options wear well and doesn't show footprints. Next, consider your aesthetic preferences. What style best suits your home? In the long-term, do you often change your decor? If so, choosing a more generic carpeting option might better suit your needs. Finally, consider your supplier. At Carpet To Go, we work hard to offer our Bothell customers more than just a wide array of flooring options — we also provide excellent customer service. Our experienced crews and flooring experts are excited to help you make this big decision, and they are available to answer any of your questions. Give us a call now or stop by one of our business locations to learn more.
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