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Carpeting increases comfort and adds warmth and visual appeal to nearly any room. With many types of carpeting to choose from, there’s an option to fit every budget. Flooring trends come and go, but the soft feel of carpeting underfoot will never go out of style. Here’s some information you need to know before shopping in carpet flooring stores in Federal Way.

Carpeting Services Offered by Carpet to Go

Carpet To Go has thousands of yards of carpet in stock and can order all major brands and types. Our experienced design consultants can help you choose the perfect carpet for your home. We provide the best full-service installation among carpet stores in Federal Way and the surrounding area, with the best warranties in the business. With express installation, your project can be completed in a week or less.

Types of Carpet Floor: Picking the Right One

Types of Carpet in Federal Way

Loop Pile Options

  • Berber:  Short and dense, very durable, and stain-resistant.
  • Level Loop:  Short, even loops, suitable for high-traffic areas.
  • Multi-Level Loop:  Varied loop length gives an appealing texture.

Cut Pile Options

  • Saxony:  Cut evenly and packed tightly for a smooth, plush carpet.
  • Textured:  Twisted before cutting for a soft carpet with a casual appearance.
  • Frieze:  Short fibers curled in different directions, also called shag.
  • Pattern: Mix of cut and loop pile creates specific patterns.

Carpet Materials

  • Nylon:  Very popular, low cost, durable.
  • Olefin:  Polypropylene compound, very strong.
  • Polyester:  Good option durability without giving up style.
  • Wool:  Luxurious, sturdy enough to last for decades.
  • Acrylic:  Wool-like material, low static, stain-resistant.
  • Triexta:  Synthetic material popular for pets and kids.


Most carpet floors in Federal Way are made of wool, synthetic fibers, or a hybrid combination. Wool produces the softest carpeting and is flame-retardant. Synthetic carpeting is more affordable and very durable but not as luxurious.


The amount of maintenance required by a carpet floor in Federal Way depends on the type of material. Wool carpets are more stain-resistant and easier to clean. In fact, wool rarely requires more than regular vacuuming.

Benefits of Having Carpets


Soft carpeting provides a pleasurable experience for the feet. It’s also easy on the knees when kneeling and on the body when lying down.


The warm comfort that carpet seems to bring is not your imagination. Unlike other flooring types, carpet is a natural insulator. Wall-to-wall carpeting actually increases the R-value (insulation level) of the carpeted area.


Some aspects of carpeting benefit the safety and health of the home’s occupants. Carpet can help prevent slipping, for example, and provide padding in the case of a fall.


Carpet is the quietest type of flooring. Carpet mitigates impact noise and helps absorb airborne noise, making your room quiet and peaceful.


Carpeting comes in an incredible selection of colors and styles, with more added practically every day.

Low Cost

Carpet and carpet installation usually is more affordable when compared to flooring choices such as hardwood, stone, premium vinyl, etc.

How Much Does Carpet Flooring Cost?

Modern carpets come with various features to help them last longer and resist moisture, wear, and stains. While these will extend the lifespan of your carpet, they also increase the cost. Here are the most popular lifespan-extending features available from carpet contractors in Federal Way:

Fiber Choice

Carpet prices vary based on the fiber used. Olefin and polyester are best for tight budgets, while nylon and wool are plusher, and triexta is the top of the line.

Wear Resistance

A blend of triexta and nylon fibers fights against foot traffic effects like matting and crushing. These carpets look great and have a long lifespan.

Stain Resistance

A blend of triexta and polyester fibers is used for carpets that resist permanent stains and spills.

Moisture Resistance

Olefin fibers battle against the buildup of mold and mildew, which makes these carpets ideal for high-moisture areas like entryways and bathrooms.

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