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Have you decided that it’s time to change up your Kent home’s aesthetic by laying down some new carpet? If you are looking into having carpet flooring installed at your Kent home, here are some pointers for finding the best flooring to suit you.

Benefits of Having Carpet in Your Kent Home

There are a lot of benefits associated with having carpet in your home. Here are three of the best benefits that Kent homeowners have when they choose carpet flooring.

Carpet is Soft Underfoot

Carpet is really soft, making it perfect for Kent homeowners with pets, small children, or those with joint issues. Having a carpet flooring installed at your Kent home minimizes joint discomfort that you might otherwise experience and makes the floor a safe surface for your kids.

Carpet is Cozy

There are few things better as a homeowner than soft, warm carpet underfoot. While some floors retain the cold (nobody likes cold feet!), carpet floors make your home instantly cozy and homelike.

Carpet Has Variety

Carpets have tons of variety! No matter your preferences in pattern, tone, or thickness you will have ample choice in the world of carpet. Even if you are the most particular of people when it comes to what you allow into your Kent home, carpet floors will more than satisfy your desire for a cohesive design.

What to Know Before Having Carpet Installed in Your Kent Home

Here are several things you should know before having carpet installed in your Kent home.

Carpet Maintenance

The type of carpet that you choose will directly affect the amount of maintenance it needs. Some fibers will be easier to care for while others will require a bit more care. Call Carpet To Go to speak with a carpet installation service who can answer your carpeting questions.

What Carpet Aesthetic is Right for Your Kent Home?

Understand the aesthetic of your home and how the carpet you choose will affect that. It’s always a good idea to look at various types of carpet in different tones, textures, and materials. This will help you get an understanding of what aesthetic you are looking for in your Kent home.

Different Types of Carpet Available for Kent Homeowners

There are so many types of carpet available to Kent homeowners that it can be difficult to choose. Here are some of the most popular types of carpet for Kent homeowners.

Saxony Carpet

Noticeable characteristics of Saxony carpet is that it comes in polyester, nylon, and wool, and is velvety and soft in texture. Saxony carpet comes in two kinds, either textured or straight.

Frieze Carpet

One of the most distinguishing features of frieze carpet is that it has long, twisted, unruly fibers. Other notable mentions about this carpet include its durability, tousled appearance (ideal in less formal rooms), and the ability to look undisturbed even after being walked on or vacuumed.

Cable Carpet

A long, thick, twisted yarn carpet, cable carpet is the softest underfoot of any kind of carpet — making it ideal for homeowners who prioritize comfort and coziness. While cable carpet is the most durable of carpets, it is the most comfortable and if taken care of can last for quite a while.

Textured Carpet

A woven carpet designed to be casual and subtle, textured carpet will suit any room in your home and hold up incredibly well under foot traffic. Textured carpet is a particularly popular choice as it is comfortable as well as simple. You can purchase textured carpet in a number of different colors and patterns to suit your home.

Get in Touch With a Kent Carpet Installation Service Today

Finding the right carpeting for your Kent home doesn’t need to be stressful. With the right team of carpeting professionals by your side, you can choose the best, most comfortable, and most flattering carpet for your Kent home. Here at Carpet To Go, we have a team of professionals who are committed to helping Kent homeowners find the right carpet to suit their lifestyle and practical needs. We also know that the carpet is not only supposed to be practical but also stylishly suited to your home.  With our knowledge of the wide variety of carpets on the market and your tips about your practical needs, we can help you find the best carpet for your Kent home. Contact Carpet To Go today to get started improving your home.

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