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Carpeting is one of the best flooring options when it comes to your home or business. Carpet provides comfort, insulation, and a warm atmosphere that other types of flooring can’t offer. Other benefits include sound reduction, a wide range of different patterns and colors to choose from, and a lowered chance of slipping for elderly individuals. Carpet also costs less than other flooring options, with relatively quick installation and a variety of different paddings to increase comfort. With so many benefits and style options, most Kirkland homeowners can find that carpeting not only complements their home decor, but also doesn’t break the budget.

Carpet Installation Kirkland

Kirkland Carpet Style Selections

When shopping for carpet, finding the right style, material, and price can be tough. After all, you want flooring that looks great and can handle the wear-and-tear of everyday foot traffic. At Carpet To Go, we recommend considering the features of each carpet style, such as aesthetics and performance, because each style has its own benefits and durability. Here are some common carpeting styles popular in Kirkland.

Textured Carpeting Installation

One of the most common carpet options is textured carpeting. Casual and informal in appearance, it is great for most areas in the house, especially if you have a high volume of foot traffic. The two-tone appearance and textured patterns tend to hide footprints, vacuum marks, and loose dirt. It’s also available in almost any price range, making it the most popular carpeting to buy in Kirkland.

Saxony Carpet Installation

If you’re looking for luxury, saxony is for you. The yarn is made with a twist and finish throughout, giving it a velvety appearance and very comfortable feel. Home and business owners that choose saxony carpet usually use it for master bedrooms, formal meeting places, and dining rooms. We do advise against saxony for high-traffic areas or homes with small children.

Frieze Carpet in Kirkland

Frieze carpeting is extremely versatile and can be installed virtually anywhere. It’s durable, wears well, and hides footprints. Cut in pile style with a high twist level, it can be purchased in different pile heights for unique looks. Frieze is a great option for businesses that want the comfort and aesthetic of carpet and still expect plenty of foot traffic.

Cable Carpet Installation

Cable is made of thick yarn, making it extremely comfortable for bedrooms or livings rooms without too much activity. Because the material can crush under heavy foot traffic, we do not recommend cable carpeting for stairs, hallways, or play rooms.

Looped or Berber Carpet Installation

This carpet style is perfect for family rooms with lots of activity. Made of olefin fiber and manufactured with nylon, it is durable and not susceptible to footprints or unseemly patterns from walking. When used on stairs, the backing and seams may be visible, so it’s a good idea to speak with a carpet professional about where and how it is installed. However, due to its durability and wide range of colors, patterns, and loops, Berber carpeting is a great flooring option.

Cut and Loop Carpet Installation

By combining cut and looped yarns, carpet manufacturers create patterns in the carpet’s surface textures. The result looks fantastic in both traditional rooms and casual business environments. Cut and loop carpet offers good durability and performance underfoot, and it hides stains easily. If you’re looking to make things interesting, it is also available in geometric and botanical patterns!

Choosing Carpet for Your Kirkland Home

Shopping for carpet can be a long and involved process. With so many patterns, materials, and colors, it can be difficult to choose the carpeting that best fits your Kirkland home. At Carpet To Go, we suggest your first consideration should be the carpet’s performance. Will it need to withstand high foot traffic and potential stains? For active areas, textured carpeting or a frieze are most likely the best options. After the performance abilities, consider the look your desired aesthetic. What colors look best in the room? Which style complements your decor? If you tend to redesign frequently, a generic, traditional carpeting style may work best. You should also consider the source, your supplier. The carpet professionals at Carpet To Go are proud to provide Kirkland homeowners with an admirable range of flooring options, including the carpets listed above. Our experienced team of installers and experts are ready to help you find the perfect carpet for your home. We are available now to answer any questions you might have. Call our offices today to learn more!

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