Carpet Maintenance

Carpet flooring is one of America’s most popular flooring. Some of its qualities that make it so popular are that it is warm, comfortable under your feet, and can enhance almost any room in your home. It is a versatile flooring that can appear to be tasteful and traditional, cool and contemporary, or elaborate and elegant.
Because of carpets convenience, I am sure that you want it to last as long as possible. Thus we have provided these tips for your carpet upkeep and maintenance in order for you to keep your carpet in good condition for many years.

1. Buy a quality vacuum and use it regularly.

In order to keep your carpet in its best condition, be sure to buy a vacuum that has a good beater bar with maximum suction. Do not vacuum over loose yarn, however, and change the vacuum bag frequently in order to ensure that your vacuum is working properly.

2. Place walk-off mats wherever there are entrances to your home.

The less dirt on shoes, the less dirt that will get on your carpets.

3. Rearrange your furniture periodically.

Rearranging your furniture will not only give you a chance to keep your rooms looking fresh, but it will also keep dents from being shaped into your carpet.

4. Treat stains as soon as possible.

I know that you may not feel like cleaning up that apple juice stain right away, but the longer it is on the carpet, the more the liquid soaks into your carpet.

5. Have your carpet cleaned regularly.

A carpet cleaning by a reputable, professional cleaner is suggested approximately once a year to protect your investment.

6. Read the care and maintenance literature provided by the manufacturer.

Different fibers, styles, and finishes can each have their own unique guidelines, so take the time to be educated about how to care for your carpet. Carpet is a unique flooring that can make any room appear to be cozy and inviting. So help keep your carpet in good condition, and follow the guidelines listed above.

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