Carpet Installation Renton

When it comes to cost and comfort, carpet flooring is one of the best flooring options available. It creates a cozy atmosphere and offers extra home insulation; benefits that hard flooring simply cannot provide. Here are a few additional benefits of carpeting:

  • Wide range of colors, patterns, and styles
  • Sound reduction
  • Lowered chance of slipping
  • Comfortable for individuals with joint pain
  • Costs less than many other flooring options

Renton Carpet Style Selections

Deciding on a carpet style depends on what your home needs. The carpet should match your aesthetic, it should perform well under foot traffic, and it should also fit within your budget. With so many carpet styles and materials to choose from, you are sure to find what you need at our retail carpet location. Listed below are the most common styles and each of their characteristics. As a homeowner in Renton, your goal is to find the carpet that fits your home decor and lifestyle.

Textured Carpeting Installation

Textured is a very popular carpet style in Renton homes and businesses. Here are some of its benefits and features:

  • Casual, two-tone appearance
  • Does not show foot or vacuum prints
  • Great for active households
  • Sold at a wide range of prices
  • Most common carpet choice in Renton

Saxony Carpet Installation

This carpet is perfect for high-end Renton homes that want a luxurious appearance and feel.

  • Formal, traditional style
  • Velvety appearance
  • Very comfortable and smooth feel
  • Yarn has a uniform finish
  • Ideal for master bedrooms or formal spaces
  • Not a great choice for children’s rooms or areas with heavy foot traffic
  • Shows vacuum marks and footprints

Frieze Carpet Installation Renton

  • Cut in the pile style
  • Yarn is twisted so that it curls over
  • Has a very textured surface, hides marks and footprints
  • Durable and ages well
  • Performs well in active homes with lots of foot traffic
  • Available to buy in different pile heights for unique looks

Cable Carpet Installation

  • Made of longer and thicker yarn than other carpeting
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Comfortable to walk on
  • Looks great in bedrooms
  • Best used in rooms without too much activity
  • Not advised to use on stairs or high-traffic areas as it can be crushed with overuse

Looped or Berber Carpet Installation

  • Made of wide yarns in different loops styles
  • Constructed out of olefin fiber
  • Usually manufactured with nylon
  • Extremely durable
  • Perfect for family rooms or children’s play areas
  • Hides footprints
  • Seams may be more visible than with other Renton carpeting options

Cut and Loop Carpet Installation

  • Combines cut and looped yarns to create unique patterns
  • Has a low profile, giving it solid durability
  • Can be used in any room, both casual and formal
  • Sold in interesting geometric shapes (and botanical patterns for more formal spaces)
  • Hides stains easily
  • Unique “carved” appearance is highly attractive

Choosing Carpet for Your Renton Home

Picking the right carpet flooring for your home or business can be overwhelming. We recommend you consider three things: performance, aesthetic, and source. Performance is important—especially if you expect high foot traffic in the area you are installing new carpet. For active homes or businesses, textured carpet or a frieze tend to be the best options. They hold up well over time and usually don’t show footprints. Next, you should think about your aesthetic. What style complements your home decor? Do you frequently redecorate? If so, we advise a generic style that will work with any decorations, paint, curtains, or furniture that you might include in the future. And then you need to consider your source—the supplier. At Carpet To Go, we strive to give Renton homeowners the best selection of carpeting styles, as well as the best customer service in the Renton area. Our team of experienced carpet experts is ready to help you choose the perfect carpet for your home. For more information or to ask any questions, call our offices today!

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