Carpet Styles

Choosing the ideal carpet style is all about knowing the right combination of aesthetics, performance, and budget that meets the needs of your lifestyle.

Six basic styles of carpet

  • Textured, Saxony or plush, frieze, cable, looped, and cut & loop.
  • Each style has its own characteristics and performance capabilities.
  • Carefully consider all of each style’s features, qualities, and conditions in making your buying decision.


  • Textured carpet if you want casual
  • Very popular cut pile carpet
  • Alternating twists of yarn
  • Two-tone appearance.
  • Hides footprints and vacuum marks
  • Great for all areas in the home, especially for active families
  • Available in a broad range of prices


  • Formal, traditional and elegant look
  • Smooth, soft, velvet plush look
  • Luxurious feel
  • Yarn has uniform twist and finish
  • Good for master bedrooms, dining room or a formal living room
  • Not a good choice for high traffic areas or active kids
  • Shows footprints and vacuum marks


  • Cut pile style with a high twist level
  • Each strand of yarn is twisted so tightly that it curls over at the end
  • For active areas
  • Has a textured surface with a knobby appearance
  • Durable and wears well
  • Performers well in high-traffic areas
  • Can go anywhere in your home
  • Hides footprints
  • Available in various pile heights for different looks


  • Referred to as a Berber
  • Big bulky yarns produced in a level loop or multi-level loop
  • Made out of olefin fiber
  • Some made with nylon, or a blend of various fibers
  • Very durable because of not cutting the yarn tips
  • You can see each individual loop
  • Ideal for casual, active family rooms
  • Come in solid colors, Berber fleck, patterns with varying levels of loops
  • Hides traffic patterns well
  • May make seams more apparent
  • Backing is more visible on stairs

Cut & Loop

  • Combination of cut and looped yarns that crate pattern effects by the variation in surface textures
  • Also referred to as patterned carpet
  • Low profile and thus perform well
  • Sometimes seams are visible
  • Very fashionable
  • Used in casual and traditional rooms
  • Available in many patterns like fun geometrics and formal botanicals
  • Distinctive carved appearance and multiple colors
  • Hides stains
  • Stands up to traffic

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