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Hardwood flooring has been America’s most popular flooring type for years now. Trends come and go, and yet (for a good reason) hardwood flooring has maintained its position at the top of the flooring hierarchy in Shoreline. This is due to various factors which we will discuss later in this article. First, let’s talk about what sets hardwood floors apart. Hardwood flooring Shoreline


What Makes Shoreline Hardwood Floors Unique?

There are many distinguishing factors that make hardwood floors ideal. They give homeowners a variety of benefits (see the next section of this article) and make a wonderful addition to any home. Having hardwood floors installed in your Shoreline home will make an excellent aesthetic addition for this autumn and holiday season. Here are just a few of the many ways that hardwood flooring can benefit your Shoreline home.


What Are The Benefits Of Hardwood Flooring?

Hardwood Flooring Is Classic

Seriously, hardwood never goes out of style. Hardwood flooring is incredibly versatile and is suited to all homes. Regardless of interior style, level of foot traffic, or whether you have pets, there is some type of hardwood that will suit you. One of the biggest benefits of hardwood flooring is that it is so classic. When you invest in classic flooring options, you can rest assured that your home will never look dated but will rather always have a current, trendy aesthetic.

Hardwood Flooring Is Durable

Hardwood floors are strong. They are good for families with heavy foot traffic, children, and pets. They are able to last for years without showing evident signs of wear. They can keep their sheen for an extended amount of time so long as they are cared for and waxed periodically.

Hardwood Flooring Is Easy To Maintain

Just a quick sweep and mop every week or so, and your hardwood floor will be sparkling for days. Hardwood flooring requires minimal maintenance and stays beautiful for a long period of time — making it a desirable flooring option for homeowners with limited time for floor cleaning.

Hardwood Flooring Will Add Value To Your Home

Who doesn’t want to close a deal on a home with gorgeous hardwood floors? If you are thinking of listing your Shoreline home in the future, hardwood flooring is an excellent sales tactic. There are real estate studies that confirm that hardwood flooring might actually increase the value of your home and make it sell faster. This is a huge benefit for homeowners in Shoreline who are thinking about selling and is a good way to raise the asking price to something more satisfactory.


How To Find The Right Hardwood Flooring For Your Home

When it comes to finding the right hardwood flooring for your Shoreline home, there are several elements that should be taken into consideration.

Consider Your Aesthetic

Of course, when selecting your hardwood floor, you will need to choose one that aligns with your interior aesthetic. Hardwood flooring comes in a vast array of styles, so you have a lot of options to choose from. Make sure that you choose a style and wood that matches your aesthetic or the aesthetic that you hope to achieve.

Consider Your Practical Needs

Certain hardwood floors do better under heavy foot traffic than others do. Make sure that when you select your hardwood flooring, you are choosing one that reflects your household needs. If you have a home that sees a lot of traffic with pets and children running around, you’ll want a hardwood that is durable and scratch-resistant. If you have a home that is quiet and doesn’t see a lot of traffic, you have that many more options to choose from.

Find The Right Shade

Does your home have a preferred color theme? What is the year and build of your home? Believe it or not, these things can affect what shades of hardwood flooring look good in your home. If you have a simple, minimal aesthetic, walnut, or dark cherry stained hardwood might not be the best option for you. A pale hardwood would suit your aesthetic better. If you are unsure about what shades of hardwood you should be looking at for your Shoreline home, contact Carpet To Go to get the opinion of a flooring expert near you. And lastly, what you’ll need to do in order to find the right hardwood flooring for your Shoreline home:


Find A Trustworthy Hardwood Flooring Company In Shoreline

Here at Carpet To Go in Shoreline, we have a team of flooring experts who have made it their mission to help homeowners create the home of their dreams. As you consider having your floors redone to suit your aesthetic or practical needs better, give our office a call. We’d be happy to discuss with you the pros and cons of specific types of hardwoods and help you choose the right one for your Shoreline home. We offer professional flooring installation services as well as our honest, expert opinions for all our clients. To schedule an appointment to have your flooring project assessed, contact Carpet To Go in Shoreline today.


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