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    Walnut flooring is a durable and gorgeous hardwood flooring option. Its iconic dark color complements most interior design styles and generates an inspired and luxurious atmosphere.  

    Are you looking for a place to buy quality hardwood walnut flooring? Or do you need help with walnut installation or repair? If so, contact Carpet To Go today. We have been installing walnut flooring for over 20 years and would be proud to put our experience to work in your home or office. We offer competitively priced estimates and have the tools and talent necessary to get the job done quickly.

    If you’re unsure if walnut flooring is the best hardwood for your home, this page will introduce you to the different kinds of walnut hardwood flooring available. For more information on the pros and cons of walnut flooring, please call our office. Our flooring specialists would be pleased to speak with you.

    Reasons to Choose Walnut Hardwood Flooring For Your Home

    Walnut hardwood flooring is an excellent choice for any home due to the huge variety of different walnut flooring types and shades on the market. This ensures that any homeowner opting for walnut flooring will be spoiled for choices. No matter your interior design style or preferences, there’s a walnut hardwood flooring to match. 

    Some of the best descriptions of walnut hardwood flooring are elegant, luxurious, upscale, and rich. A home or office with walnut flooring is going to feel more classy and upscale.

    Whether your interior style is industrial, classy, vintage, or modern, walnut flooring has more than one option for you to choose from.

    The Different Types of Walnut Flooring

    The large number of options that come with walnut hardwood flooring makes it an ideal option for any homeowner. Here is an introduction to some of the most popular types of walnut flooring that you may have to choose from.

    Black Walnut Flooring

    close up of Black Walnut Flooring

    Looking for an especially durable walnut flooring? Black walnut is not only a gorgeous flooring, it also boasts of being one of the most durable walnut hardwood floorings. Black walnut hardwood is made from the black walnut tree native to the US. The rich, chocolate shades of black walnut lend each interior that they’re in a luxurious look and feel.

    American Walnut Flooring

    close up of American Walnut Flooring

    American walnut flooring can come in various shades and grains. You may be able to find black, natural, or dark American walnut flooring depending on the provider you work with. American walnut flooring is diverse and allows homeowners a lot of freedom with their interior style as it comes in various plank options (herringbone and wide) as well as a number of shades.

    Asian Walnut Flooring

    close up of Asian Walnut Flooring

    Asian walnut hardwood is made from Acacia wood and is an excellent flooring choice that comes in a range of mid-tone shades. Descriptors of Asian walnut flooring include natural, vintage, and rustic. 

    Asian walnut hardwood has a simple elegance to it, a natural charm. Due to its versatility and simple beauty, Asian walnut is good in apartments, farm homes, and offices alike.

    Brazilian Walnut Flooring

    Brazilian walnut hardwood flooring is made from two different trees (Imbuia and Ipe) that are, surprisingly, not walnut trees. Brazilian walnut hardwood generally comes in rich shades ranging from medium to dark brown in color.

    Some of the benefits of Brazilian walnut flooring are its fire resistance, durability (Brazilian walnut is one of the most durable hardwood floorings), and its ability to be refinished many times.

    Engineered Walnut Flooring

    close up of Engineered Walnut Flooring

    Engineered walnut flooring takes on a slightly different appearance to natural hardwood flooring. In comparison to natural walnut flooring, engineered walnut has wider boards, a less expansive selection of colors, and is generally sold pre-finished. 

    While engineered walnut might not offer you as vast of a selection, it is still a wonderful choice as it has several durability advantages over natural walnut flooring. For one example, engineered walnut flooring performs better in humid climates than natural walnut does. Engineered walnut flooring is less prone to warping which eliminates that concern for homeowners residing in humid climates

    Walnut Flooring Installation Services Near You

    Ready to have walnut flooring installed in your home? Contact Carpet To Go today to book our installation team to visit your home. Our installation team has extensive experience working with all different types of flooring and we’d be happy to help you choose and install walnut flooring in your home. 

    A reflooring project is a big ordeal, so if you have any questions about the process or the length of the installation, give us a call. We know that each project is unique so we’d be happy to discuss the timeline and project budget with you. Contact Carpet To Go to get started upgrading your home’s interior with new walnut flooring.

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