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    Tile Flooring: Ceramic & Vinyl Floor Tile Options


    If you’re looking for a beautiful flooring that is low-cost and durable, tile is the way to go! This product is long-lasting and easy to care for, and it’s also available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, textures, and colors. This myriad of options guarantees that you’ll find something that will complement your style and color scheme.

    Tile has been used for centuries, but it has seen drastic improvements within the past few decades as far as variety and durability. If it’s been a while since you’ve had tile in your home, be ready for a pleasant surprise.


    What Is It Made Of?

    Tile is usually composed of minerals, water, and clay. It is then covered with ceramic to give the tile its finish and color.


    What Are Its Advantages?

    • Tile is noted for its durability. Oftentimes tile replacement in a home is for the purpose of restyling, rather than any complaint of its quality or durability.
    • Tile is painless to clean because of the easy wipe surface. This makes it a perfect choice for bathrooms and kitchens that are often getting dirty or wet.
    • Tile is scratch resistant, especially in the higher graded finishes (such as three or four).
    • Tile is an environmentally friendly option and is manufactured using natural materials.
    • Tile can be found in an enormous variety of colors and styles, enabling tile to become a perfect match for any decor.
    • Tile does not burn, melt, and will not off-gas.
    • Tile is water-resistant and will not accumulate moisture, making it a good choice for wet climates, such as the Pacific Northwest.


    Where Do I Find New Tile Flooring?

    If you’re considering new flooring for your home and think that tile might be the best choice for you, call one of our offices for a free estimate. While our selection of traditional tile is limited, we offer professional luxury vinyl tile services that have become more popular and affordable in recent years. Give a call today and we can help you sort through the various flooring options and select the tile that will suit your home perfectly!


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