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Located in the very heart of the Seattle-Tacoma metropolitan area, the City of Kent has experienced an increase of $43,000 (13%) in median home sale prices over the past 12 months. During this same time period, the average square footage price has risen from $187 to $208. With the real estate market trending upwards, custom home builders and homeowners wishing to remodel their existing home are seriously evaluating Kent flooring options available to them. Naturally, tile is at the forefront of these options.   tile kent wa


Why Tile Remains a Favorite In Kent When it Comes to Floors

When you consider the visual appeal, durability, cost, and available colors, shapes, and sizes, it’s easy to understand why tile remains a favorite choice when it comes to new flooring in the home. Tile has a timeless elegance and beauty to it. It’s easy to clean, and virtually impervious to spills and stains. It comes in options affordable for any budget, and there are shapes and sizes for any decor schemes.

Made From Natural Elements

Tile is made from elements found in the earth – ceramic, stone, glass, and even metal are just some of the natural components that go into the manufacturing of tile floors. Custom builders and renovators are choosing tile for Kent homes because it's a versatile choice and looks good in any room – even as backdrops on ceilings and walls. Some builders and homeowners in Kent even choose to have their roofs covered in tile.


Why Tile Is a Perfect Choice for Your Flooring Needs

The best thing about tile is you can find a color, size, or shape for any conceivable decorating plan you have in mind. The advantages are many. Here are a few that help to set tile apart from other flooring options.

  • Durability. Living as we do here in the Pacific Northwest, tile has a unique quality in its ability to prevent moisture build-up of any type. As the most durable flooring option, tile is resistant to spills, stains, and even scratches.
  • Ease of maintenance. Soap and a little water will keep tile looking like it did on the showroom floor. Maintaining it is almost effortless – no wonder it’s always a favorite flooring option for kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Good for the environment. Because it’s made from natural materials, some of the chemicals found in other flooring types are not present. This makes it a perfect choice for Kent homes with young children and pets.
  • Versatility. You could probably spend all day looking at the available styles of tile, and still, you would only be scraping the surface. There’s literally a color and style for every conceivable design you’re trying to match.

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Professional Kent WA Tile Service and Installation

At Carpet To Go, we have a professionally trained staff ready to answer all of your questions pertaining to tile flooring. While our selection of ceramic tiles is limited, we do offer a variety of styles in Luxury Vinyl Tile. They’ll not only help you find a style that meets your needs but also make sure it fits into your budget. For a friendly and personal consultation, or for any questions, contact us today!


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