Tile for Kirkland Homes

If you’re a Kirkland resident in search of new flooring that is beautiful, durable, and fits into most budgets, tile is your best bet. A preferred flooring choice for centuries throughout all corners of the world, tile has experienced a remarkable resurgence in popularity with today’s consumers. With attractive options in an exhaustive variety of shapes, styles, and colors, tile is a choice Kirkland homeowners should not fail to consider.

Tile Is A Great Choice for Your Kirkland Home

While there are many benefits to tile floors, here are three that stand out from many other flooring choices currently on the market:

1. Tile is available in a variety of options. One of the main selling points for tile floors is that it comes in such a wide array of attractive options. Not only is tile found in different sizes and configurations, it also comes in attractive colors and styles.

2. Tile is long lasting. Homeowners in Kirkland whose primary concern flooring that is sturdier and more durable find tile to be their number one choice. Both ceramic and porcelain tile have well-earned reputations for meeting these specifications.

3. Tile is low maintenance. Aside from its ability to withstand scratching, spills and pet accidents, tile that is glazed requires very little maintenance. All it takes to return it to its original luster is usually just a little soap and water!

What Is Tile Flooring Made Of?

Composed primarily of clay, minerals, and water, tile is formed and shaped then fired in a kiln at 1060 to 120 Celsius. Then, tile is covered in ceramic, giving it a beautiful color and finish. Today’s tile often utilizes digital printing on its surface, enabling it to mimic the appearance of wood and stone.

Advantages of Tile Over Other Flooring Options

• Durability—lasts for many years.
• Easy to maintain—an ideal choice for kitchens and bathrooms.
• Resistance to scratches, especially in the higher grades of finish.
• Resistant to burns and melting, with no danger of off-gassing.
• Resistant to water and moisture—perfect for the Kirkland climate.
• Easy to match decor due to an extensive variety of colors, shapes, and styles.
• Environmentally friendly and manufactured with natural materials.

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