Tile Maintenance

With any floor, traffic and age can start to show over time. Proper care of your tile floors can help keep your home environment feeling fresh and bright. Cleaning and maintaining tile floors is far easier and simpler than the maintenance required for other kinds of flooring. Still, the upkeep of your tile will certainly require some work in order to ensure its long-lasting beauty and quality. The amount of effort required to keep your floors clean and strong is heavily dependent on the kind of tile you select. This might play into your decision when choosing what kind of tile to have installed, so be sure to ask about the required maintenance of your tile before you commit.



For general maintenance, dirt and junk can get ground into the grout over time if the floors are frequently swept. Be sure to sweep your floors thoroughly and regularly. To eliminate excess dirt from entering your home at the start, place walk-off mats at all exterior entrances so guests have something to wipe their shoes on. Shake these mats often to remove any collected dirt.



When cleaning textured tiles, the various surface textures may require some mild scrubbing with a soft brush or electric polisher in order to pull all grime and dirt from the fact of the tile. Ceramic tiles on the other hand should only require occasional mopping, with a soft mop head. The use of a recommended grout and tile cleaner can also help to lift any dirt or stains from the surface of the tile and grout. Any soft water grime you might encounter may require a basic all-purpose cleaner. For more heavy duty cleaning jobs, purchase cleaning products from a local grocery or a flooring retailer. Before you begin any serious cleaning jobs, make sure that the cleaning tools and products you use are compatible with your floor. Using an inappropriate cleaner or tool on the surface of your tile can cause damage. Be sure to consult the instructions prior to starting your project.  Do not use scouring powders, steel wool, or any other abrasives when cleaning, as they will damage the surface of tiles. Also avoid using bleach and ammonia based cleaners,, and do not use oil-based cleaners on your glazed tiles. Once your cleaning is complete, rinse your tiles well and wipe them dry.



Regardless of the density and making of your tile, any tile is in danger of cracking or breaking under extreme force or pressure. With that in mind, when preparing to move heavy furniture in order to clean your tiles, be sure to take the proper precautions. Have assistance when lifting and setting down heavy furniture. If you choose not to move furniture, but to instead clean around it, be sure to cover furniture legs with protectors to avoid water stains.



Don’t forget to keep a few extra tiles on hand after your new floors are completed. Should there be an accident, you’ll have a spare tile to replace those that have chipped, cracked, or stained. Also, if your floors are continually exposed to water, they may need to be caulked on a regular basis. Sealing your grout for added protection can also be a wise idea, and there are numerous grout colorants available that can help you to match new grout with aged or discolored grout. Be sure to consider the manufacturer’s recommendations when preparing to clean and maintain your floors. While such a regular tasks like sweeping your floor and shaking your rugs can seem like tedious chores, continual care and frequent maintenance of your floors can help them keep them beautiful and colorful. For more information about flooring maintenance, visit our website at Carpet To Go  

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