Tile Flooring for Renton Homes

The Renton real estate market has been on a steady upward trend since 2012. This manufacturing hub, located just 11 miles from Seattle, is home to a variety of housing options and has a fair share of upscale homes for sale or under construction. As new floors for both existing homes and those being remodeled are installed, it’s no surprise that tile flooring is big in the Renton area.

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Tile Flooring in Renton

Tile has remained a predominant flooring choice throughout the ages, undergoing a revival during the past few decades due to its attractiveness in both style and color. With it’s visual appeal, unquestionable toughness, and resistance to scratches and stains, it’s no wonder that tile is a popular choice in the Renton area.

One of the decided advantages of installing tile floors is that there’s no shortage of beautiful choices tailored to meet almost any budget. Custom home builders and professional remodelers are choosing tile flooring for many of their projects because of the advantages and elegance tile floors impart on their projects.

Reasons to Choose Tile Floors

Renton area residents considering replacing existing flooring in their home, or choosing options for a new home they’re having built, are increasingly opting for tile. Why? Aside from price considerations, there are four primary reasons for choosing tile floors: versatility, durability, environmental considerations, and because it’s a virtually maintenance-free product.

1. Tile is extremely versatile.

No matter what type of decor you favor, there’s a color, size and style of tile available for every particular taste. Many Renton area residents are even choosing tile that looks exactly like hardwood flooring.

2. Tile is extremely durable.

While it might be an exaggeration to classify tile flooring as indestructible, it’s certainly highly resistant to breakage. Its ability to resist scratching and damage from staining is unparalleled when it comes to flooring.

3. Tile is extremely friendly to the environment.

Tile is manufactured from earthy materials such as ceramic and porcelain, stone and glass. Also praiseworthy is the lack of toxic materials – often present in other flooring choices – found in tile.

4. Tile is extremely easy to maintain.

This is an important, though often downplayed, aspect of tile floors. Tile floors are easier to maintain than almost any other flooring choice. A little soap and water goes a long way in keeping your tile floors looking as good as they did the day you first walked on them.

Where to Find Quality Tile?

In the Renton area, Carpet To Go is the answer. Our experience, first-hand knowledge, and friendly staff will guide you through the complete process of choosing and installing tile floors in your home. While our selection of ceramic tiles is limited, we do offer a variety of styles in Luxury Vinyl Tile.  Stop by our store in Bellevue, or schedule an in-home consultation, and we’ll help you find the tile floors that will compliment your home. Contact us today!

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