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If you’ve recently moved into Shoreline and want to have your floors replaced, you might be wondering what type of flooring will best suit your new home in the Pacific Northwest. Carpet to Go is here to help. That’s what we’re here to talk about today!  There are many types of flooring that would look stunning in your Shoreline home, but today we are just going to be talking about one of the most common choices for homeowners in this wet climate — tile flooring. tile shoreline


Tile Flooring in Shoreline

Tile flooring is robust, waterproof, and never goes out of style, making this one of the most popular flooring choices among Shoreline homeowners.  Besides these utilitarian perks, another reason for tile’s popularity is its ability to be customized to fit your exact needs and interior design. For example, homeowners get to choose tile shade, shape, size, texture, and pattern. The market for tile is vast for Shoreline homeowners, whatever your budget or design needs, you will be able to find a flooring that reflects that.


What is Tile Flooring Made From?

Tile flooring is one of the most eco-friendly flooring options because it is comprised of natural materials such as clay, water, and minerals. Tiles may also have a ceramic glaze over the surface adding to the decorative properties.


The 5 Different Types of Tile Flooring Available in Shoreline

There are five different classes of tile on the market right now. Tile flooring class determines a lot of things, but the primary characteristic is durability, with class 1 being the weakest tile option and class 5 the strongest. Here’s a quick breakdown of the five different classes of tile flooring:

Class 1

Used mostly for backsplashes and other decorative placements, class 1 tiles are usually glazed and are not meant to be used in heavy traffic areas.  Class 1 tiles are not as durable as the other classes and become very slippery when wet — not ideal for surfaces that need to be walked on. 

Class 2

Class 2 tile is slightly more durable than class 1 and can be used in areas of the home with light traffic. If used in heavy traffic areas, this type of tile can begin to chip.

Class 3

Durable and strong, class 3 makes for an excellent floor in busy areas of the home, such as the kitchen or dining room. This type of tile comes in both glazed and unglazed finishes and a variety of different styles. 

Class 4

Stronger than class 3 tile, class 4 may be used in businesses or offices. It is able to withstand heavy foot traffic and is also a good choice for households where there are pets or children.

Class 5

The most durable of the classes of tile, class 5 tile can be used both inside and outside, in homes or businesses alike. This tile will be able to withstand lots of movement without showing signs of wear or age.


Advantages of Choosing Tile Floors in Shoreline

When it comes to the pros and cons of choosing tile flooring for your Shoreline home, let’s discuss some of the most obvious benefits of having tile installed in your home.


Tile flooring gives you so much creative liberty as a homeowner. It is versatile, dynamic, and can match any interior style. It goes really well in modern, minimalistic homes while also being able to lend a vintage look if needed. Tile is probably one of the most creative flooring options on the market for Shoreline homeowners.


Tile flooring is solid. It doesn’t scratch, rarely chips or cracks, and doesn’t really fade. If you want a durable floor that will last a long time while looking fresh and clean, tile is a wonderful option. Tile flooring will resist pets, endure foot traffic, and even withstand fire. These flooring types are solid and won’t disappoint.


As touched on briefly earlier, tile floors are a sustainable and green flooring option. They are comprised of natural materials and don’t contain toxic substances like some other flooring types. If you want to have a floor that is environmentally sustainable installed in your home, tile is a wonderful option.

Low Maintenance

Tile is extremely easy to clean and requires next to no maintenance. You won’t need to schedule any yearly re-staining or any other kind of maintaining. All that tile requires is a quick sweep and mop every now and then to keep looking gorgeous.


Finding the Best Tile Flooring Service in Shoreline

Here at Carpet To Go in Shoreline, we offer only the highest quality tile flooring. It is our mission to provide both services and products that meet our high standards and satisfy Shoreline homeowners. While our selection of ceramic tiles is limited, we do offer a variety of styles in Luxury Vinyl TileIf you are having trouble choosing a tile floor for your home, contact one of our flooring experts to help you select the best tile flooring for your home. To get started on your re-flooring process, contact Carpet To Go today.


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