Kirkland Vinyl Flooring

If you like the look of tile or hardwood, but are put off by either the maintenance or the cost, vinyl may be the perfect solution for your Kirkland home. Vinyl floors give you the elegant appearance of hardwood or tile for a fraction of the price.

Not only is vinyl significantly cheaper than other options, it is much easier to maintain, especially when compared with hardwood or carpet. It’s stain resistant and doesn’t require the upkeep of carpet – all it needs is a quick wipe to get it looking good as new. While a spill on hardwood floors could lead to irreparable water damage or staining, and any amount of mud or spills on carpet can require deep-cleaning, vinyl is easy to clean and very durable.

In addition to these perks, vinyl flooring has a slight cushion to it, making it comfortable to walk on and easy on the joints. If you’re in the Kirkland area and looking to redo your home’s floors, consider vinyl as an option!

Kinds of Vinyl Flooring for Kirkland Residents

There are basically two kinds of vinyl floors: luxury vinyl tile (LVT), and standard vinyl flooring.


With all the advantages of standard vinyl, luxury vinyl tile is also available in a wide array of sizes, colors and shapes. This flooring can compliment any room because of its versatility and the many options to choose from. In addition, since this flooring is laid down in individual tiles, extras can be stored to replace tiles if they become damaged or worn down. LVT also offers you the chance to create unique patterns and designs by using the many colors and shapes available.

Standard Vinyl Flooring in Kirkland

This flooring option comes in long, large, easy-to-install sheets. No other flooring gives you quite this many options in terms of selection and style, while also keeping maintenance and installation simple. Vinyl floors can mimic hardwood with the look of natural wood grain, stone tiles or ceramic flooring. With high-quality vinyl floors, many people don’t realize it’s vinyl at first glance!

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