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    LVT: Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring


    One of the best flooring types for active households is luxury vinyl tile (or LVT). Luxury vinyl tile is made out of several layers of material to promote greater durability than its standard vinyl counterpart. This makes luxury vinyl tile resistant to constant or heavy foot traffic. 

    If you are looking for vinyl flooring that will resist wear and tear while also being comfortable and looking beautiful, luxury vinyl tile is an excellent choice.


    How is LVT Installed?

    When it comes to installing luxury vinyl tiles, it’s best to hire a professional installer to get the job done. As luxury vinyl tile is more expensive than standard vinyl, it’s wise to have a professional flooring installer help you so that no costly mistakes are made.

    Working with a flooring installation company will ensure that your luxury vinyl tiles are cut and laid properly in order to accomplish the best interior design. 

    If you have any questions about how luxury vinyl tile is installed or are looking for a reliable installation service, give Carpet To Go a call. At Carpet To Go, we have a team of luxury vinyl tile installers that would be happy to help you with your flooring renovation.


    Luxury Vinyl Tile Pros & Cons

    Here are some of the biggest pros and cons of luxury vinyl tile that homeowners should be aware of when considering LVT for the first time. 


    Pros of LVT

    The biggest benefits of luxury vinyl tile include:

    • Installation: with a professional luxury vinyl tile installation team by your side, the installation process will be much quicker and easier than other tile counterparts.
    • Durability: due to its thickness and high-quality manufacturing, luxury vinyl tile is very durable and resistant to wear and tear. This makes LVT an ideal floor for households with pets, children, or heavy foot traffic.
    • Affordability: when contrasted with regular tile, luxury vinyl tile is affordable and offers homeowners great value for the price tag.
    • Maintenance: luxury vinyl tile is a breeze to maintain. Like many of its vinyl counterparts, maintaining LVT takes only a couple of minutes a day.


    Cons of LVT

    The biggest con of luxury vinyl tile is that it can be difficult to replace individual tiles should they become damaged. 

    Because the market for luxury vinyl tile is almost constantly changing and growing, you likely won’t be able to find an exact match to your specific LVT floor if you need to replace tiles in the future.

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    Looking to upgrade your home’s interior? What better way to do that than by having a new luxury vinyl tile floor installed!

    Here at Carpet To Go, we have a variety of high-quality vinyl floors just waiting to be the next addition to your home. If you would like to have our team of luxury vinyl flooring installers help with your upcoming renovation, give us a call today


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