Premium Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring Kent

Luxury vinyl tile has been around since the 70s but has recently begun to pick up steam again due to its numerous convenient features and unrivaled aesthetics.

If you are making plans to redo your flooring in the near future, make a spot for luxury vinyl tile on your list of contenders.

Continue reading to learn more about the pros and cons of LVT or get in touch with Carpet To Go to speak with a flooring professional about whether or not LVT will be a good option for you.


What Is LVT Flooring?

Luxury vinyl tile flooring is an engineered type of flooring that mimics the aesthetics of authentic wood or tile flooring.

It consists of a minimum of three layers:

  • The backing layer
  • The decorative layer
  • The wear layer

Each of these layers ensures maximal durability while also providing an aesthetically pleasing floor that isn’t characterized by some of the more time-consuming maintenance requirements of other floors.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Pros And Cons

While only having a couple of downsides, luxury vinyl tile, on the whole, is an engineering masterpiece that’s packed with useful benefits.

Read the following two sections for more information on the benefits and downsides of LVT.


Benefits of LVT Flooring

  • Convenient installation. Luxury vinyl tile is extremely easy to install — making it a DIY project for many creative homeowners. And, if you choose to have an installation team do the job for you, it won’t take weeks to complete, but instead can be done in a minimal time frame.
  • High durability. Luxury vinyl tile is an engineered floor — meaning that it’s highly durable and able to withstand any type of foot traffic. So whether your home includes pets, kids, or lots of visitors LVT has you covered.
  • Affordable. Another perk of LVT is that it is highly cost-effective and can match the budgetary needs of any homeowner. If you’re on a tight budget, you can find numerous LVT floors in your style for your home, and if you have a bit more to spend your options are pretty much limitless.
  • Simple maintenance. Most homeowners don’t have time to spend hours on home maintenance tasks, and this is yet another reason why LVT is so ideal. LVT offers you a floor that is both easy to maintain and exceptionally beautiful.
  • Wide selection. While most flooring aesthetics are confined to a meager number of styles, LVT is nearly limitless. You can enjoy light, dark, or colorful shades in a variety of styles including patterned, natural tile-look, or hardwood-like LVT.

Downsides of LVT

There are two potential cons to having LVT flooring in your home:

  1. Damaged tiles may be difficult to repair or replace (due to the constantly shifting market).
  2. LVT doesn’t really increase the value of your home — as is the case with other flooring types such as hardwood and authentic tile.

There are ways to work around these downsides though.

For example, if you have concerns about not being able to find replacement tiles, you can stock up on the type of tile that you have installed so that if you ever need to replace them you can do so easily.

5 Best LVT Flooring Styles

The beauty of LVT is that it has the ability to accurately portray the interior style of any homeowner. Whether your style is modern, traditional, quirky, or natural, there is a luxury vinyl tile to match.

Some of the current LVT trends include the following five styles:

  • Morrocan pattern LVT. This gives off a very festive vibe and is perfect for homes that enjoy originality in their aesthetics.
  • Stone-like LVT. Classic and able to match anything, stone-like LVT floors are perfect for modern, clean interiors.
  • Wood-like LVT. Wood-style floors are timeless and never go out of fashion. Whether you’re looking for a rich, cherrywood-style LVT or a dark walnut-style floor, luxury vinyl tile is sure to have something for you.
  • Marble-style LVT. Marble-like LVT is modern, minimalist, and luxurious — making it perfect for homes with a more contemporary aesthetic.
  • Hexagon or monochrome LVT. These styles of luxury vinyl tile are compatible with minimal, retro, or quirky homes and add a lot of character to any room that they’re in.

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