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Vinyl Flooring for Redmond Residents

If you’re looking to add elegance to the flooring of your Redmond home or business, but don’t wish to break the bank, vinyl flooring is for you.


The Benefits of Vinyl Flooring in Redmond

What other flooring product offers you the look of floors laid with beautiful hardwood or ceramic tile at a fraction of the costs? With each passing year, vinyl flooring is growing increasingly popular, which – as the following list of benefits confirms – should come as no surprise to our Redmond consumers.

  • Vinyl flooring is durable: As nice as hardwood floors are, they are prone to unrepairable problems with staining. Not vinyl! Just give it a good wiping down with cleaner approved for vinyl cleaning and it will look as good as new. Speaking of stains, most of us have had to deal with carpet that has been all but ruined by heavy staining. Once again – not vinyl!
  • Vinyl flooring is easy to maintain: Treat it just like any other flooring by vacuuming and mopping on a regular basis. To really see your vinyl flooring return to its original luster, just wipe it down with a vinyl cleaning product and it will look like it did the day it was installed.
  • Vinyl flooring is easy on your feet: Backed by a small amount of cushioning, vinyl flooring (unlike tile or hardwood) is very comfortable to walk on. In addition, unlike ceramic tile, vinyl is not cold to the touch.

Vinyl Flooring Options

Although there is a multitude of elegant looking designs and textures to be found in vinyl flooring, you’re basically going to be choosing between two types: luxury or standard. While this is a function of costs and tastes, even the higher rated vinyl flooring products are more affordable when compared to ceramic tile or hardwood floors.

  • Luxury Vinyl Tile: Also known as LVT, this type of vinyl flooring is installed in tiles, opening up the possibility for an artistic design that best accentuates your home or business. It also make it possible to create different looks with varying design and color schemes in each room that is is to be covered.  While LVT costs more than standard vinyl flooring, it is still very affordable, and the aesthetic value it will add to your home is well worth it.
  • Standard Vinyl Flooring: This option has the same availability of unique and elegant styles for achieving the look of stone, tile, hardwood and wood grain flooring, as does the LVT. It is manufactured, though, in large sheets which allows for easier installation.

Is Vinyl Flooring For You?

If you’re in the Redmond area and are entertaining the thought of replacing your existing flooring with either LVT or standard vinyl, consider Carpet To Go for both your purchase and installation needs. For over 20 years they have been servicing the Bellevue and Redmond area, earning a reputation for professionalism and integrity. Contact Carpet To Go today!

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