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Vinyl Flooring in Renton

Vinyl is a great way to give your floors the elegant, coordinated look of hardwood or tile for a fraction of the price. In recent years, vinyl flooring has become a popular flooring option in the Renton area for a variety of reasons.

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Renton Vinyl Flooring

Not only is vinyl cheaper than other flooring, but it is also far easier to manage than hardwood or carpet. While hardwood runs the risk of irreparable staining, and carpet requires periodic cleaning, all the maintenance vinyl flooring needs is a quick wiping to get it looking bright and fresh again. Many people also like the feel of walking on vinyl over other available materials, as vinyl has a small amount of cushioning to it that softens the impact of walking.


Types of Vinyl Flooring:

There are essentially two types of vinyl flooring: luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and standard vinyl flooring.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury Vinyl Tile has all the advantages of standard vinyl, available in a wide variety of colors and shapes. If properly selected to match its environment, this material can look good just about anywhere. Additionally, because vinyl of this kind is laid down in tiles, spare tiles can be kept in storage to replace any tiles that are damaged or worn down. LVT also opens up the possibility of creating unique patterns and designs using a mixture of vinyl tiles and colors. Our Renton area clientele love the quality and convenience of our Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring options.

Vinyl Flooring

Standard vinyl flooring comes in long, large sheets that can be installed quite easily. No other flooring offers the same variety of selection and style while keeping installation and maintenance tasks simple. Vinyl flooring is designed to mimic the look of wood grain, stone tiles, or ceramic flooring. At first glance, most people don’t even know it’s vinyl!

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