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High Quality Vinyl Flooring in Seattle

Vinyl floors are on the rise in popularity due to their beautiful and elegant look which is combined with the many benefits vinyl floors have over other flooring choices. If you are considering reflooring your home and are hoping to install a floor that’s easy to maintain and looks great, vinyl flooring might just be for you! Vinyl floors offer a host of benefits for the Seattle homeowner, while still giving your home the same flawless look and feel as hardwood flooring does. One of the biggest advantages of installing vinyl flooring is its low maintenance. Vinyl floors are easier to clean than carpet and hardwood, and can regain that “new floor” shine after only a single mopping — no wood polish required.


Another perk is that vinyl floors are much softer under your feet than hardwood ones. Lastly, vinyl flooring is substantially more affordable than hardwood flooring, meaning you can get the same wood-floor look, but for a much lower price. Here at Carpet To Go, our team of flooring experts has been servicing customers across the Seattle area for years. If you have any questions about vinyl flooring or would like to get an estimate for your home, contact us today! Let’s go over the different vinyl flooring options available to you in Seattle. 

Types of Vinyl Flooring for Seattle Residents

Advances in printing and technology mean that vinyl flooring is now a direct competitor of more traditional kinds of flooring, like hardwood, real stone, and ceramic tiles. We offer a wide range of vinyl colors, styles, and textures here at Carpet To Go, which come in two distinct kinds of vinyl flooring: standard vinyl, and luxury vinyl tile (LVT) in Seattle. These are both much easier to maintain and clean than either hardwood or carpeted floors and are both budget-friendly options for Seattle homeowners.

Standard Vinyl Flooring

Standard vinyl flooring can be quickly and easily installed, as it comes in large sheets that simply need to be rolled out and cut. Our standard vinyl flooring styles are designed to duplicate popular flooring styles such as stone tile, ceramic floors, or even wood grain floors. No matter your interior decor goals, we will be able to find the perfect vinyl floor to match. Standard vinyl flooring is a wonderfully versatile, resilient, and beautifully designed flooring option for your Seattle home.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is an incredibly versatile flooring option for your Seattle home. LVT comes in many different shades and textures, so you can be sure of finding something to suit your taste and style. Luxury vinyl tile has all the benefits and durable qualities of standard vinyl but with the added perk of giving you more variety to choose from. This vinyl is typically installed in sections, allowing for easy installation and repair. Furthermore, LVT gives you the added benefit of being able to create a custom design should you wish to do so — this is a fun advantage of luxury vinyl tile if you are creatively inclined or want to give your Seattle home an extra personalized touch.  

Choosing The Right Vinyl Flooring

Knowing which vinyl flooring option to choose can be difficult. Here are some pointers to help you make your way through the decision process.

What Kind Of Room is the Vinyl Be Going In?

It is important to take into consideration the purpose of the room you are installing vinyl flooring in. While vinyl flooring looks great in any environment, a key question is how much foot traffic will be coming through that room. If you’re installing vinyl in a high traffic area, like a hallway or kitchen, choose a vinyl with a higher wear layer.

What Are Your Decor Goals?

Our vinyl flooring can fit any interior design, so consider what kind of look you want your floor to give. Some of the styles we offer include wood, stone, and cement.

How Do You Want Your Vinyl To Feel?

There are a few things to think about when it comes to the softness of vinyl flooring:

  • Subfloor: What kind of surface are you installing the vinyl on? Being installed across concrete means the vinyl will feel hard (so you may want to choose a thicker vinyl), while installing vinyl on a wood subfloor means your vinyl will feel softer to walk on.
  • Underlayment: Adding an underlayment to your vinyl will greatly increase the comfort of walking barefoot on your floors.
  • Thickness: The thickness of your vinyl is obviously the biggest factor when it comes to determining floor softness. A thicker vinyl will be very soft to walk on, while a thinner vinyl will feel like the subfloor beneath it.


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