How to Choose the Best Carpet When Selling Your House

When it comes to selling a home, certain home improvements can potentially increase its resale value. Though trends may lean more toward hardwood flooring when it comes to flooring options, the best carpet for selling a house can make a massive impact when it comes to potential buyers’ interest.

Learning about the benefits and which colors to consider when replacing carpeting, can make the process of redecorating much easier.

Benefits Of Carpet In Your Home

When looking for the best flooring to sell a house, carpets have many benefits such as the following:


Most times, carpet often costs much less in comparison to hard surface floors. Many hard surface flooring products require special preparation before they can be installed. As carpet generally doesn’t need to meet these requirements, it can be installed over a variety of sub-floors. As a result, this saves in cost.

Floor Imperfections

Flooring imperfections can be present without one even noticing, as they are often only discovered when the flooring is peeled back or redone. If it is discovered that the floors underneath are not as flat as one thought, carpets are a good choice.

By choosing a carpet, one will still feel these imperfections, but they won’t be visible. The plushness of a carpet will also help to soften the feeling of the misshapen floor.

Personal Preference

There is a wide variety of options to choose from when searching for the best carpet for homes.  With carpets, one can choose from a variety of colors and textures. There are carpets with tight fibers that feel firm and these are easy to clean. Plush and fuzzy carpets are softer to the touch but are harder to clean.

Carpet Colors That Can Make Your Home More Valuable and Sell Faster

A vital factor to consider when choosing the best carpet for selling a house is color. Here are a few suggestions that could increase the value of a home.

Warm Neutral Carpets

If one is looking to sell their home, installing warm neutral carpets is a great choice. They are not offensive and don’t encourage an intense reaction from buyers, but rather create a feeling of comfort.

Cool Neutral Carpets

For a fresh and clean look, cool neutral carpets are the best carpet for homes with a more modern style such as a contemporary-style apartment or single-family home. Cool neutral carpets will capture the attention of young professionals or young families who might be interested in a style that has a more modern appeal.

Colored Carpets

Colored carpets target a more specific market when selling a home. This could include a navy blue or olive green carpet in a natural-themed room. The key is to choose a color that adds more personality to the space without feeling overwhelming.

Right Fiber Carpets

Synthetic fibers such as polyester, nylon, or polypropylene make up more than 90% of carpeting that is on the market. A soft fiber with a short pile for easier maintenance is suggested when choosing the right fiber carpets.

Should You Replace A Carpet Before Selling A House

Most times the answer is yes! Here are some reasons why.

Excessively Dirty

If one’s carpets have gathered significant ground in dirt, grime, or stains that have “set” in the fabric and underlayment, it may be best to replace old carpets. If, however, the carpet is in good shape with no visible snags, set-in stains, rips, or tears, then a deep clean may be good enough.

Outdated Style or Color

Flooring is what brings the whole room together and acts as the foundation of the home’s overall style. If a carpet is outdated and faded, one should consider upgrading the carpets to increase the general appeal of the house.

High Traffic Areas are Worn Down

Though one’s carpets may be in good condition, it’s important to take note of the areas that are affected by high foot traffic which potential buyers may look at. These areas such as walkways, under furniture, and other high-traffic spaces might be worse off and in need of an upgrade.

Frayed, Ripped, or Loose Fabric

Damaged carpeting is never fun for potential buyers to look at and can easily change their entire decision about a home. Aside from this negative impact, it can have, it’s also a potential hazard that can cause one to trip and fall.

Pets and Odors

Pets have a habit of bringing in dirt, grime, allergens, bacteria, and mold spores onto and into a carpet. In this case, replacing the current carpet is the only way to get rid of these elements and odors.

Carpet Flooring Designed To Increase Your Home Value

If you are looking to increase the value of your house by redecorating, the best carpet for selling a house should definitely be factored in.

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