Carpet is an ideal flooring option for many reasons. Its soft plushness makes for a comfortable experience and great insulation. However, because a carpet is a good insulator, it is highly prone to mold. A few key signs of mold in a carpet make the identification process quick and easy. Here are a few tips on how to detect mold in carpets. detect mold in carpet  

How to Test for Mold in Carpet


Visual Inspection

What does mold on carpets look like? To test the carpet for mold, you first need to examine the carpet thoroughly. A visual inspection for signs of mold will show different things depending on the type of mold your carpet may have. Typically, mold spores discolor the carpet on the affected areas as green, brown, black, or white.  

Check Underneath Your Carpet

When cleaning a carpet, a largely overlooked area is the underside of the carpet. A detailed inspection is necessary if you have padding between your carpet and baseboards. Mold-in carpets may reside on the bottom.  

Odor Inspection

Mold growth is probably present if your carpet has an unpleasant musty odor. Odor inspections are necessary mold tests as healthy carpets do not retain bad smells. A bad smell is a sure sign of mold in carpets.  

Home Testing Kits

Anyone can purchase home testing kits to detect mold in carpets. These tests include Petri-dishes, tapes, and pens that change color to reveal if mold growth is present. Most mold home testing kits require 24 to 48 hours to show signs of mold.  

Hire a Professional

If you are having trouble determining whether or not your carpets contain mold, call in the professionals. Mold in carpets can cause various health issues and spread if left unattended, so don’t delay. A full-service flooring company knows the signs to look out for to detect mold in carpets and has industry-leading detection tools to find mold in hard-to-reach places.  

The Risks of Molds in Carpet


Causes Health Problems

Mold in carpets can cause many health issues. People who are allergic to mold are at risk of developing respiratory ailments, and mold can even cause lung infections in immunocompromised children. Common reactions to mold in carpets include:  

Mold is Visible Directly on the Carpet

If mold is visible directly on the carpet, you and your loved ones may be in harm’s way. If the mold is white, green, brown, or black and appears circular, a carpet mold test is necessary. You may need to replace the carpet not only to address the health risks but also to restore your home’s clean carpet.  

Causes Odor Problems

A stinking carpet wafts musty odors throughout the home and will not stop without removal. Odor issues make for an undesirable living environment and taint surrounding structural items. If you detect signs of mold due to a pungent smell, call the professionals at Carpet To Go right away.  

How to Detect Mold in Carpets

Follow these quick and easy steps to determine if your carpets contain mold.  

Damp Carpet

Touch the affected area to sense dampness if you’ve wondered how to check for mold after water damage. If the carpet is damp to the touch, water damage has affected it.  

Brown and Black Spots

Signs of mold in carpets often reveal themselves as brown and black spots. Black mold is hazardous and can be the reason for health issues in the home.  

Foul Odor

Mold in carpet presents a musty odor that permeates the room. The rotten smell is a common trait of mold that chemical agents cannot effectively cover up. The best way to rid a home of odors related to mold is through carpet replacement.  

Mold Under the Carpet

A hidden culprit of mold in the carpet is growth under the carpet. Mold spores thrive in containment areas, and the underside of a carpet is no different.  

Discolored Carpet

Discolored stains on the carpet that appear at random are likely mold. A carpet mold test is the best way to determine whether mold is present.  

Call the Carpet Mold Experts at Carpet To Go

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