Hardwood floors make an excellent addition to any home, but they may not always pull the room together as you had envisioned. In many cases, adding an area rug can add the finishing touch that creates a noticeable theme across your living spaces. That said, decorating with area rugs on hardwood floors is not always simple. You have to choose from a huge collection of patterns, colors, and textures. But, if implemented properly, the results can be breathtaking!
decorating with area rugs on hardwood floors
Decorating With Area Rugs on Hardwood Floors

Benefits of Mixing Area Rugs and Hardwood Floors

Let’s take a look at some of the major benefits of carpet and wood flooring combinations:

Keep Your Floor in Great Condition

Area rugs can be used to protect high-traffic areas of your home. If you have wood flooring in areas like hallways, entries, and living rooms, you should consider adding an area rug. They reduce the wear and tear while still letting you show off your stylish floors.

Use Colors to Highlight Your Decor

The key to decorating with area rugs on hardwood floors successfully is creating a sound theme. Your rug and hardwood combination should highlight your decor around your house. Always select rug colors to either match or create a positive contrast with your current layout and style.

Control the Brightness of the Room

Dark furniture matched with hardwood can reduce brightness in your living spaces. You can always add a splash of light by implementing a light area rug. Remember, even if you choose a lighter or darker tone, the rug should also be within a similar palette to maintain harmony.

Increase Comfort Specific Areas

Even though they look fantastic, hardwood floors are not always the most comfortable. Carpet and wood flooring combinations can help improve comfort in areas such as your living spaces or bedrooms.  

Tips for Using an Area Rug on Hardwood Floors

Hardwood is known for being the most luxurious type of floor. And, contrary to popular belief, area rugs are not meant to hide your hardwood floors, but compliment them. Below, we’ve put together a list of five tips to help you choose the best area rug for your hardwood floors.

Clean the Area Before Placing the Rug

One of the biggest mistakes most people do when placing a rug is forgetting to clean the area beforehand. Even if you’re looking to cover a scratch or another imperfection, remember you have to move your furniture and clean the floor properly beforehand (Related: How To Clean Area Rugs). Dirt particles, oil, and other types of debris can stain and damage your hardwood. Placing a rug on top of a dirty floor will leave visible marks after the carpet is removed. You can prevent this by sweeping, mopping, drying the area thoroughly, and repairing any scratches with filler.

Maintain Your Floors Functional

Carpet is comfortable on your feet, but it’s not suitable for all areas of your house. Besides improving the aesthetic appeal, you should also maintain or improve your floor’s functionality with your carpet. For instance, thick fluffy area rugs work best in high traffic areas that house furniture, like living rooms. On the other hand, you may want to select a flatter rug for your office so that your office chair can still move around easily. For hallways and other busy areas, you can always use runner carpets that protect and display your hardwood at the same time.

Pick the Right Rug Size for the Room

Choosing the right rug size will help create the impression of having a bigger room. Large rooms should be matched with large carpets. Traditionally, area rugs either cover just the seating area or the entire space where the furniture sits, so you can choose whichever layout works best for you. If you have a room with an irregular shape or a particular furniture layout, you can even implement individual or tailored area rugs that create a palpable scheme!

Always Use a Non-Slip Rug Pad

Just because they are not visible doesn’t mean that rug pads are not important! Non-slip rug pads are usually made of synthetic materials and are placed between the floor and your rug. They have two main functions: protecting your floors against friction damage and preventing your carpet from moving around and causing accidents.

Aim to Create Harmony with the Color and Design

Selecting the color of your carpet is a huge step. The first and most important thing you should keep in mind is the tone of your hardwood floor. Then, take a look at other decoration elements in your house, like furniture and wall hangings, to choose a carpet that matches the theme. All homes are different, so you’ll have to look at your color scheme and decor to make the right choice. But, as a rule of thumb, popular area rug color choices for each floor tone include:

Dark Hardwood

Light Wood


Get a Quality Area Rug at a Great Price

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