People love vinyl floors for various reasons. They’re easy to install and relatively inexpensive. However, provided you use your floors, they’re bound to incur some damage. Your vinyl plank floor may scratch, tear, chip, dent, or peel, and the severity of the damage will determine your fixing approach. Most scratches and gouges require vinyl floor repair, while others need only a bit of TLC.   

Required Tools and Materials to Repair Vinyl Floor

In most cases, all you’ll need for vinyl floor repairs are a:  

How to Repair Vinyl Flooring

Knowing how to repair a tear in vinyl flooring can come in handy. If your vinyl floor has a tear, hole, or scratch, you can fix it in four simple steps.  

Cut Away Loose Vinyl

First, tape around the damage with masking tape. Then, use a utility knife to cut out any loose fragments. Next, clean dirt from the damaged area with a damp rag before smoothing rough edges with sandpaper.  

Mix and Apply Paint

Mix the paint to match your floor color and paint the interior surface and edges of the damaged area. Give the paint at least 15 minutes to dry.  

Add Filler and Floor Bond

Pour filler into the damaged area and level it off with the smoothing paddle in the vinyl flooring repair kit. Next, slowly drip the floor bond onto the powder until you saturate it. Let the compound harden for about 15 minutes. The filler and floor bond should level the damaged area flush with the rest of the floor.  

Sand, Smooth, and Finish

Brush a clear acrylic finish over the fixed area, and let it dry for about two hours. If the surface looks rough after drying, sand it smooth with the enclosed sandpaper. Finally, protect the repair with a clear acrylic finish.  

How to Repair a Vinyl Flooring Gouge

Do you know how to repair a scratch on vinyl flooring? When you have a deeply scratched or gouged floor, the following vinyl floor scratch repair tips will help.  

Reclean the Floor

Start by cleaning the floors like you usually would.  

Wax the Floor

Next, wax the entire floor. Pay attention to the damaged area, making sure to fill the gouge with wax. However, be careful to remove excess wax.  

Use PU Cleaner

If the wax doesn’t fill the gouge entirely, use PU cleaner. Spray the cleaner according to the instructions and wait about 5 minutes for it to set on the gouge. You may have to leave it for longer, even overnight, to get the best results.  

Replace the Floor

Sometimes, you have to replace the floor. As long as you don’t have a glued floor, simply rip up the damaged piece and replace it. Replacing glued planks needs a bit more time and energy. Learn more about premium luxury vinyl tile flooring installation in Kent here.  

DIY Tips on How to Fix Chips in Vinyl Plank Flooring

Things you will need:  

Using Putty Filler

Begin by cleaning the affected area with a damp, lint-free cloth. You may want to mop or vacuum. Next, use a putty knife to apply some putty filler to the hole. Smooth it carefully with the knife, adding more filler if needed until it’s perfectly flush with the surrounding floor. Remove any excess putty filler before it dries, then let the filler dry completely. Finally, blend the damaged area with the surrounding floor with a floor repair marker or paint pen.  

Using Acrylic Filler

Similar to using putty filler, start by cleaning the area. When you’re ready to use the filler, insert the tip of the tube into the chip and fill the hole slowly. A large hole requires application in thin layers, letting each layer dry for a couple of hours at a time. After applying the last layer, use a putty knife to smooth the filler. Wipe off excess filler with a clean rag and give it ample time to dry. Finally, disguise the filled spot with a floor repair marker or paint pen.  

Other Methods

A vinyl floor repair kit also works well for vinyl plank floor chips.  


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