Boho Flooring For Your Home

Boho Flooring For Your Home

Boho style, short for Bohemian, began in France in the 19th century. A departure from the stuffiness of past decorating styles, Boho encourages individuality and creativity. The best part of Boho? There are no rules; you can feel free to choose styles, colors, patterns, and textures just because you enjoy them, without regard to whether or not they “go” together. If your tastes in decor lean more toward the eclectic than the classical, Boho style might be right up your alley! More good news: anyone can embrace a Boho style, regardless of their living arrangements. Read on to find out how to bring a free, Bohemian vibe to your space.

Boho Styling Your New Build

Of course, starting from scratch is a great way to build permanent Boho vibes. If you are lucky enough to be making foundational decisions, consider options that are not going to limit what other design choices you can make. Simple hardwood flooring, a luxury vinyl that isn’t too flashy, or an understated large format tile are great choices. Choose a tone that pleases you, whether it’s a darker Brazilian cherry or a blonde bamboo, whitewashed barnwood, a veiny natural stone or marble. Remember, there really are no rules; individualize your space!

Boho in Your Rented Space

If your abode is borrowed, you can still embrace the Boho style by using accessories. Wall-to-wall carpet or a stuffy tile? No problem. Colorful areas or throw rugs can be layered over any existing flooring. Use bold, modern geometrics or an oriental rug to designate a conversation corner or reading nook in your living room. Off-set your dining area with a sisal or other natural fiber rug. Add funky furniture and your favorite accessories, and you’re all set!

Boho Flooring For Your Home

Boho Style in Your Personal Space

Maybe you have a shared living situation where not everyone embraces your Boho style. Never fear! You can still make your eclectic dreams come true in your own little corner of the world. Consider adding colorful rugs to your bedroom or bathroom, redoing some tired old furniture in fun colors, or picking up some Boho-inspired linens and throw pillows for your bed. One easy way to incorporate more Boho: buy an inexpensive tapestry for a wall, and tack it up behind the bed or some other area you’d like to set off. Instant Boho style with only a few tiny holes.

The Boho style is easy-going and can incorporate all your favorite things. No matter whether you are building new, living in a rental, or sharing a home with housemates, your Bohemian dreams are within reach! Need some help? Reach out to the knowledgeable staff at Carpet To Go. We can help you with design choices that are sure to check all those Boho boxes!